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Supreme Perfecting Cream | Dead Sea Products | Dead Sea Premier | PS2

Supreme Perfecting Cream

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 A transformation unlike any other. Perfecting Moisture Cream can completely smooth skin over with nourishment, hydration, and the perfect level of protection to seal in natural beauty. Skin is at harmony and you`ll have that peace of mind that skin is as it should be.
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Size 60 ml / 2.04 Fl.oz
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This silky lightweight texture moisturizes and softens to leave the skin feeling like velvet. Nourishes and conditions as it acts on skin surface to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a visibly smoother, luminous look. Leaves skin feeling luxuriously comfortable and supple.

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  • Conditions and brightens skin for a healthier complexion.
  • Reduces the appearance of laugh lines, expression marks, and wrinkles.
  • Protects skin from ever losing its luster or tone.
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onto cleansed skin, apply the cream in soft, circular movements until absorbed. For best results, precede the application with our Perfecting peeling gel.

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甜杏仁油:富含维生素E,甜杏仁油可滋养皮肤,使皮肤看起来透亮,光滑和年轻。 荷荷芭油来源于有韧性的沙漠植物的种子。荷荷芭油与皮肤的天然皮脂非常相似。荷荷芭油能滋润和平衡干燥,片状或不均匀的皮肤。 脂质体复合物:我们的科学家最常使用这种科学化合物来使我们的配方有效且速效。脂质体复合物可以渗透到皮肤深处,并可以迅速产生作用的活性成分。
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Use With
去除角质乳液 这是每周需要敏感的皮肤的理想护理。这款无皂清洁剂可净化皮肤,消除多余的皮脂,并恢复皮肤的自然平衡。每周最多使用一次或两次,以改善皮肤的质感和平衡。 完美去角质凝胶 这款简单的去角质凝胶 提供了令人难以置信的深度清洁。每周使用两次,可以清除多余的皮脂,死皮细胞和杂质。皮肤看起来更亮,毛孔看起来更小,您会注意到皮肤会感觉好很多。 卸妆霜 这是疲倦无生气的皮肤的理想夜间清洁剂。这款洁面乳可清除杂质,使皮肤显得暗哑无光。乳脂状的洗液可滋养,软化和平衡皮肤,非常适合晚上使用。
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