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Supreme Face Lift Cream | Dead Sea Products | Dead Sea Premier | PS10

Supreme Face Lift Cream

An exquisite formula that improves the appearance of skin, by rejuvenating and erasing the appearance of wrinkles almost instantly. From application to application, skin becomes firmer and is provided with a radiant look.

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Size 60 ml / 2.04 Fl.oz
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A luxurious, multi-firming rejuvenating and lifting cream which works wonders on the appearance of the skin. Designed to effectively combat the appearance of deep wrinkles and assist in improving the skin's firmness and radiance, for beautiful looking skin.

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  • Targets the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • Improves skin firmness 
  • Giving the skin a radiant appearance
  • Nourishes skin 
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twice daily onto cleansed skin.

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  • Elastin & Beta-Carotene Lifting Mask: Take some time, relax, and lift your troubles away in as little as 30 minutes. This mask list and firms skin as it drenches skin in moisture and minerals. You can also apply a thin layer and leave it on overnight to give yourself an exceptionally intense treatment. Once you rinse the mask away, pat skin dry and follow up with the cream to balance skin.

  • Lifting Intensifier: This is the key you need to obtain newly lifted skin. When applied before the cream, this serum regenerates skin`s natural ability to lift and snap back into place. Use this serum after you use the lifting mask to lock in the lifting effects of the treatment.

  • Lifting Neck Serum: Say good-bye to the first signs of a turtle neck. This firming serum defies gravity and causes the skin to snap back. Moisturizing properties rebalance dry skin and iron out wrinkles and crinkles that may have popped up on the neck. Use this every day to keep things tight and smooth.
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Use With
  • 洗面奶: 您需要即时收紧脸部提升。这款紧实的乳霜可滋润皮肤,使您的肤色看起来光滑紧致。

    • 弹性蛋白和香精。beta-胡萝卜素提拉面膜:花些时间,放松一下,并在短短30分钟之内消除您的烦恼。这款面膜能使皮肤浸透水分和矿物质,从而紧实皮肤。您也可以涂一薄层,然后隔夜放置,以使自己得到异常强烈的护理。冲洗掉面膜后,拍干皮肤,然后使用乳霜使皮肤保持平衡。

      • 即时收紧脸部提拉: ;这款瞬间的触感可提振皮肤,消除细纹和皱纹,使您可以阻止所有人死在自己的足迹上。非常适合特殊场合,在涂抹精华素后轻轻拍打,然后再使用面膜紧致乳霜使其完美贴合。

        • 提拉颈部精华素:告别高领脖子的最初征兆。紧实的血清抵抗重力,使皮肤迅速恢复活力。保湿特性使干性皮肤重新平衡,并消除可能突然出现在脖子上的皱纹和皱纹。每天都要使用它来保持紧实和光滑。
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