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Supreme Lifting Neck Serum | Dead Sea Products | Dead Sea Premier | PS14

Supreme Lifting Neck Serum

The neck is often neglected in skincare routines but isn't less crucial to take care of. A few fine lines and sagging, dull skin on the neck can quickly give away anyone's true age before any face wrinkle can. With this soft serum, skin promotes a smoother, more luminous appearance preventing and correcting frightening signs of aging.

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Size 50 ml / 1.7 Fl.oz
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This unprecedented luxurious serum contains soft and active ingredients for a visibly healthier, smoother and more luminous look and feel. It helps tighten skin's surface and, over time, maintains a smoother, more lifted appearance.
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  • Tightens and lifts sagging skin.
  • Fades fine lines and brightens dull skin.
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twice daily onto cleansed skin.
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黑麦种子提取物:黑麦种子中的化合物首先可以帮助防止皮肤下垂。我们收获了有机黑麦并将其增强,以刺激皮肤自然提拉和紧致的能力。 死海盐:脱水和营养不良相辅相成。死海矿物质(如钙,钾和镁)可以滋养皮肤,帮助其再生新的皮肤细胞,但也可以帮助皮肤保持水分。 银杏叶提取物:几个世纪以来,这种提取物一直用作老化溶液治疗中的活性成分。我们的科学家将其添加到我们的抗衰老配方中,以消除老年斑的变色并消除细纹和皱纹。随着时间的流逝,银杏叶提取物还可以帮助防止皮肤进一步老化。
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Use With
弹性蛋白和β-胡萝卜素提拉面膜 花一些时间,放松一下,在短短30分钟之内消除您的烦恼。这款面膜能使皮肤浸透水分和矿物质,从而紧实皮肤。您也可以涂一薄层,然后隔夜放置,以使自己得到异常强烈的护理。冲洗完面膜后,轻拍皮肤,然后使用面霜使皮肤保持平衡。 即时收紧脸部提拉 这款瞬间的触感可提拉皮肤,消除细纹和皱纹,使您可以阻止所有人陷入困境。非常适合特殊场合,在涂抹精华素后轻轻拍打,然后再使用面膜紧致面霜使其完美贴合。
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