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Mascarilla de barro del mar muerto

An exceptional Dead Sea mineral mask for all skin types that targets dehydrated areas for comfort, which lasts. This mask helps in softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to prevent the formation of new wrinkles.
It is composed of Dead Sea mud, aloe vera, kaolin, and jojoba oil. This at-home facial treatment is hassle-free, fast, and delivers beautiful and smooth skin for all ages.
Skin feels and appears firm, tight, clean, and refreshed. 
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49,99 $
Size 50 ml / 1.7 Fl.oz
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Una mascarilla única con minerales del mar muerto que ataca las áreas deshidratados para dar un confort duradero. Ayuda a alisar la apariencia de las arrugas y líneas de expresión protegiendo a la vez contra la formación de nuevas arrugas.

The Premier Guide for Dead Sea Mud Mask

The mud used in our Premier Dead Sea cosmetic products has been widely acknowledged for the numerous medical benefits that it brings. The truth is that these products will make you see a big difference shortly after you start using them. Today, we`re going to go through the Dead Sea Mud benefits as far as health. This Premier guide is here to explain why the Dead Sea mud mask can help take care of your skin complexion, making it appear bright and shiny.

The products you use to keep your skin smooth and radiant will determine how successful your skincare routine is going to be. The results greatly depends on the quality of the ingredients in the products you use. As one of the biggest Israeli manufacturers, Premier Dead Sea is widely accepted as one of the best skincare companies with the highest quality ingredients.

Premier`s products are quite effective because they use the latest technology to get the most out of the raw natural ingredients. Then, they add their own personal secret to produce cosmetic products with proven benefits. The direct benefits for your skin come from the harmonious and synergetic mix of special, high-quality ingredients combined with advanced technology for the best results.

Overview of the Dead Sea`s Health Benefits

Located between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is actually a lake with salt water - but not just any old salt water. The Dead Sea`s water, mud, and the surrounding slit are extremely rich in the most unique combination of minerals such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

The Dead Sea mud has been used for centuries to treat many health conditions ranging from back pain to psoriasis, as well as for reducing inflammation or relieving local pain.

So far, Dead Sea mud has been proven to treat psoriasis and acne, reduce skin impurities, help ease chronic back pain, and provide relief for arthritis. By applying Dead Sea mud as a compress treatment, it`s possible to treat psoriasis flares. It`s also perfect for dry skin.

Mud masks can do wonders when it comes to removing dead skin and impurities on your body. Magnesium and the salt found in the mud greatly improve your skin`s condition, as well as its elasticity. Dead Sea mud is also known as medicinal natural black mud.

Basically, it`s a homogeneous mixture of organic elements and minerals specific to the Dead Sea that helps stimulate and improves blood circulation in the skin. Since this mud has thermopexic properties, it can help to treat all sorts of skin diseases. It also helps to soften and cleanse the skin.

The Different Minerals Found in the Dead Sea

Out of 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea mud, the most important ones are Potassium, Bitumen, Calcium, Bromine, Magnesium, and Sodium. 12 out of 21 minerals found in the pure Dead Sea mud mask are specific only to this saltwater lake and most of them are recognized for their many medical benefits.

These minerals may help provide relief from metabolic disorders and rheumatic discomfort. They may also improve the circulatory system, nourishing the skin and simply making you feel more relaxed. For example, Sodium is known for improving skin permeability. Its ions help remove skin scales very effectively.

People with dry skin should definitely try the Dead Sea mask because it`s ideal for this skin type. You can make your skin soft and supple again with ease.

There is also an extremely high concentration of Magnesium in the Dead Sea water.

Since magnesium is essential for cell metabolism, the Dead Sea mud can help people with a magnesium deficit, especially with psoriasis and skin scales. It also works as an anti-allergic agent.

Potassium is known for regulating the electrical processes of the nervous system and the muscles while improving oxidation.

Calcium is essential for cleansing the pores and strengthening cell membranes in your skin. It`s vital to the maintenance and production of healthy bones and teeth, and it greatly contributes to the overall health of your skin, nerves, and heart muscles.

As you can see, the Dead Sea mud has numerous health-promoting properties that are the secret to its success.

What Makes the Dead Sea Mud So Special

The mineral wealth found in the mud has a remarkable healing and antimicrobial effect and can be used to treat a variety of health conditions. That high concentration of minerals and salts is what makes the Dead Sea mud so special, as well as the geographical features of the Dead Sea itself.

Dead Sea water has a 33% mineral and salt concentration, unlike any other salt water on our planet.

Such a high concentration and unique mixture of natural elements give extraordinary abilities to both the Dead Sea water and mud. This mineral composition contributes to regeneration and restoration, as well as improved cell metabolism.

The mud is unlike any other mud in the world and helps treat different skin disorders such as acne and eczema. The secret behind its extraordinary efficacy lies in its rich mineral content that can restore the pH balance of your skin while accelerating natural exfoliation.

The Dead Sea mud can help anyone keep their skin disorders under control. It provides physical relief and it improves the look of facial skin.

What are the Dead Sea Mud Face Mask Benefits?

Dead Sea mud mask review tells us that it can directly help you keep your skin appearance younger, tighter, brighter, and healthier. The black Dead Sea mud face mask has excellent anti-aging properties and it`s particularly effective at removing blackheads. Due to its natural exfoliation properties, it effectively delivers the much-needed vitamins and vital nutrients onto the skin.

This helps keep your skin clear and reduces the amount of bacteria in your pores. There are three top dead sea mud mask benefits:

1. It removes skin impurities and dirt

Dead Sea mask is an immensely powerful face cleanser and it can remove all bacteria from the pores in your skin. Since it can penetrate deep, it makes the skin look much smoother and cleaner. It`ll make your skin radiant and reinvigorated.

2. Excellent skin hydration

The skin looks healthier and fresher because of the proper hydration and invigoration with natural minerals and vitamins. If your skin is oily, the mask can help decrease the oily residue, as it provides full exfoliation. Basically, the Dead Sea mud face mask will help renew the appearance of your skin, leaving permanent and clearly noticeable results.

Proper skin hydration is essential to retaining moisture, which gives your skin that healthy and shiny look. Once you start using this facial treatment, you`ll restore your skin`s appearance for a longer hydrated feel.

3. It assists in diminishing the appearance of scars and acne, helping the healthier and newer skin reveal itself.

Other Uses of the Dead Sea Mud

For Acne

A powerful Dead Sea mud for acne treatment helps clean your face from acne caused by genetics, stress, bacteria or dirt. The large number of nutrients and minerals in this mud provide a tightening effect that restores the pH balance of your skin. This`s extremely helpful for those who are experiencing an annoying issue like acne.

The Dead Sea mud mask is the best acne treatment that gives outstanding results and helps keep your skin looking healthier and cleaner. It can assist in the prevention of acne breakouts and diminish the appearance of any traces of scarring. The mud mask can be used as a facial mask, but the Dead Sea mud bath also has numerous health benefits, not only for your skin but for the entire body.

For Hair

The Dead Sea mud for hair is excellent for the strengthening, renewal, and proper nutrition of hair follicles. The Dead Sea mud mask gives your hair beauty and a strengthened appearance while at the same time assisting in the prevention of hair loss.

The mud is rich in salts and minerals that work miracles for both skin and hair. It saturates the hair roots and scalp with vitamins and vital substances.

After continued use, the mud provides your hair with a vibrant look. The results are visible after a short while and it`ll effectively prevent any negative changes, eliminate inflammation feel, and supply your entire scalp with vital energy. It`ll help to relieve split ends and dandruff, eliminate excess oil, and make your hair appear shiny and thick.

Here`s an Unbiased Premier Dead Sea Mask Review

The unadulterated and natural composition of elements in the Dead Sea mud helps reduce the signs of aging while providing great care for your delicate skin. This Dead Sea mud mask review is here to give you a valuable insight into the benefits of using the mud mask.

By making this face mask a part of your regular skincare routine, you`ll get a powerful tool that`ll help you to treat the most common skin problem that might occur.

A pure Dead Sea mud natural face mask is one potent product indeed, as it can effectively remove the appearance of blackheads, acne, eczema, and pimples. It can also help with dry dehydrated skin. It directly improves the elastic appearance of your skin, making it appear radiant, healthy, shiny, bright, and young. Using a Dead Sea mud pack will definitely help you get that healthy youthful look you`ve always wanted.

This Dead Sea mask cleanses the pores, removing impurities, grime, and dirt, allowing your skin to breathe while nurturing it with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. This product gives your skin everything it needs to look healthy.

Review of Premier Dead Sea Mud Products

We would like to recommend two extremely powerful products coming from Premier Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap

Rich in minerals and vitamins vital to the health of your skin, the Dead Sea mud soap bar provides exceptional skincare. It`s perfect for a daily routine, as it deeply cleanses the skin, removing dead skin and leaving you feeling refreshed. You can read Dead Sea mud soap reviews here.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud for Body

The mineral composition of the Dead Sea mud allows the skin to absorb moisture much better. It also allows proper hydration, which is very important for skin health.

The Dead Sea Mineral Mud for Body will give your skin a youthful and healthier look. In case you were wondering where to buy Dead Sea mud products, you can visit one of their numerous stores in over 60 countries.

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  • Rutina diaria de cuidado de la piel que desafía la edad
  • Disminuye líneas de expresión y las arrugas
  • Elimina las células muertas de la piel
  • Contiene altos niveles de magnesio, calcio, sílice, sodio y potasio.
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Después de una limpieza profunda aplique una capa ligera con un suave masaje sobre el rostro. Espero de 5 a 10 minutos y aclare.

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  • Minerales del mar muerto: El Mar Muerto se formó durante millones de años en el punto más bajo de la tierra, a 1378 pies bajo el nivel del mar, en medio de la falla africana. Es conocido como un lugar privilegiado para la industria del cuidado de la piel, muchas gracias al alto contenido de sal, minerales y elementos naturales. Estos minerales únicos ayudan a rejuvenecer, sanar y suavizar la piel. Los laboratorios Premier aprovechan esta fuente natural única y la utilizan para producir el más alto nivel de perfección para el cuidado de la piel. Confiando en la composición del Mar Muerto, altos niveles de magnesio, calcio, sílice, sodio y potasio y procesos científicos avanzados, los productos cosméticos de Premier son los mejores de su tipo.

  • Aceite de jojoba: Aceite de jojoba derivado de la planta de jojoba cultivada en América del Norte. Su textura es muy ligera, contiene numerosos antioxidantes y nutrientes que permiten que la piel lo absorban rápidamente. El aceite es muy similar al aceite de sebo que producimos los humanos, que cuando se aplica a la piel, el cuerpo no puede notar la diferencia y lo acepta de manera significativa. Proporciona a la piel varios beneficios: 
    - Hidrata profundamente 
    - Humedad duradera 
    - No alergénico 
    - Protege de la exposición ambiental. 
    - Revive la piel seca 
    - Contiene vitamina E y B 
    - Ayuda a disminuir las líneas de expresión 
    - Puede ayudar a fomentar la producción de colágeno.

  • Caolín: El caolín es una arcilla completamente natural que exfolia suavemente la piel y ayuda a eliminar las células muertas, las impurezas y los desechos. Además, puede estimular la circulación sanguínea en áreas comprimidas, promoviendo una acción curativa para disminuir la irritación. Igual de importante, es astringente con propiedades calmantes y ayuda a aliviar el exeso de grasa en la piel..

  • Aloe Vera:  El aloe vera es una planta exótica que es rica en vitaminas y es conocida por sus propiedades curativas y calmantes naturales. Además de sus capacidades calmantes, proporciona humedad a la piel, estimula la reparación de la piel, alivia la irritación de la piel, combate el acné y ralentiza el proceso de envejecimiento. En conjunto, esta planta hace maravillas en la piel, y cuando se combina con ingredientes activos, el aloe puede ofrecer resultados más rápidos, dejando la piel nutrida, fresca y equilibrada..

Lista completa de ingredientes:


*Descargo de responsabilidad: los listados de ingredientes de productos Premier Dead Sea se actualizan periódicamente. Antes de usar un producto Premier del Mar Muerto, lea la lista de ingredientes en el empaque de su producto para asegurarse de que los ingredientes son apropiados para su uso personal.

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Usar con
  • Suero de barro del mar muerto: Una vez enjuagada, la mascarilla mejore su efectividad con este suero de barro del Mar Muerto ligero y satinado que ayuda a suavizar la apariencia de líneas expresión y arrugas. 

  • Crema de barro del mar muerto: Por último, pero no menos importante, aplique esta magnífica crema de barro del Mar Muerto para nutrir la piel y protegerla de los radicales libres. La piel se siente fresca, hidratada y suave. 
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