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Идеальная основа под макияж с длительным эффектом



This foundation is perfect
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Brenda , 2019-05-03
Honestly, this is the best foundation I've ever used in my entire life. I have sensitive skin with some acne scars and this foundation does a great job of giving me smooth flawless skin. I've been using this foundation for almost a month now and my skin has actually become much better. When I remove at night, my skin feels smooth like it has never felt.
The coverage is amazing, and I don’t really need a concealer anymore. It stays on all day although it doesn't look as perfect as it does in the beginning... by the eighth hour when I get back home, but it doesn't look bad and it doesn't seem oily or sticky. Throughout the day. When I touch my face it feels so smooth and nice. This foundation is perfect and if you struggle with acne scars or acne prone skin, I really recommend you try this foundation.
My favorite
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Jessie Reid , 2019-04-23
I'm completely sold and will not use any another foundation. This foundation makes your face appear flawless. It lasts all day, beautiful full coverage, and you don't need to use much. I have large pores and some pigmentations from my pregnancy - this has excellent coverage and staying power.
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Johanna , 2019-03-12
I have found the perfect foundation, it gives me a flawless matte finish. I go the whole day without having to retouch. Also, I didn't need to apply any powder or touch-up to my face. Very easy to apply, provides great coverage, impressive range of shades to suit different skin tones and feels so lightweight on the skin. I have tried a lot of products and I am absolutely happy with this one.
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