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Гипоаллергенный увлажнитель, содержащий не только крем, но и изумительное по составу минеральное мыло. Награжден призом НВА (''Здоровая и красивая Америка''). Комплекс содержит специальный механизм увлажнения кожи, одновременно контролируя избыточное количество жира. Содержит натуральные солнцезащитные фильтры Б-УФБ, А-УФА и SPF 17, предохраняющие кожу от воздействия ультрафиолетовых лучей.

Отличная база для нанесения тонального крема.

It works for me
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Becky , 2019-06-06
I found this cream during my search or a rich bland lotion that could work well on my skin and I swear this is the best thing that happened to me. I have been struggling with brown spots on my face and I couldn?t even go a day without makeup. My life is changed now and I can even go to work without a drop of foundation on. My self-esteem has really improved.
Moisturizes and manages excess oil on my skin
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Mila , 2019-05-29
Moisture cream complex moisturizes my skin while managing excess oil. I started using this stuff after noticing that my skin was becoming dry and rough by day, especially after a weather change. Now I am all good. My skin is well moisturized smooth and has a natural glow. During my makeups days, I use the moisture cream beneath my makeups.
the disappearing brown age/sun/liver/blemish after 25 yrs
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ alan byrom , 2019-04-18
I bought a Dead Sea moisture Cream in Santa Fe Mall 2009/10. I was told it would remove a brown spot on my right cheek. I didn't believe it. I used it a few times and then it sat in my fridge until 2016. I started to use it. The brown blemish disappeared within weeks. I have the photos to prove it.
it works
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ alan byrom , 2019-03-17
This cream after sitting in my fridge for 5 years removed a major brown spot.
It helps keep my makeups in place
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Scarlett , 2019-03-05
It has been a year now since I started using this moisture cream. The whole experience is thrilling. I had struggled with dry skin for years. I didn?t look good in makeups; dry skin underneath would mess it up. Of late, I have been using different makeups, and I look good. I am so happy that my skin is well hydrated. Thanks so much, Dead Sea premier for this exceptional product.
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