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Очистительная скрабовая маска для лица



Мягкий и нежный пилинг для лица, обогащенный активными ингредиентами. Способствует эффективному сужению пор, удаляет мертвые клетки кожи и впитывает излишний жир. Активные ингредиенты способствуют обновлению кожного покрова и осветлению кожи. Не применять на раздраженной или поврежденной коже.

Способ применения: нанести небольшое количество на чистую и сухую кожу лица и легко помассировать мягкими круговыми движениями в течение нескольких секунд. Смыть теплой водой. Не допускайте попадания маски в область вокруг глаз.

Gives me good looks and healthy skin
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Sarah , 2019-06-13
I am sure that my friends have noticed my improved complexion. Refining facial peeling mask is currently my best skin care product. It has given me good looks and healthy skin. My face is evenly toned and bright. It is quite gentle on my skin and washes off faster. My friends are using it too, and I have not heard anyone complain about it. I will obviously make more orders.
I love the product
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Janet Wells , 2019-04-13
Refining Facial Peeling Mask works magic on my skin! I started noticing amazing changes on my face within the first month of its use. My once scaly, dry and uneven skin is now smooth and radiant with an even complexion because of using this mask as recommended. I love the product.
What my skin needed
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Sarah Lincoln , 2019-04-09
This ultra-modern mask is all that my skin needed to look young and beautiful. I regret the resources and time I wasted on ineffective methods and products but I won’t be very hard on myself because I feel that Refining Facial Peeling Mask has compensated all that.
I’m happy
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Cindee Semkin , 2019-03-21
I’m a very happy customer. Just like other products produced by Premier Dead Sea, this has also proved to be exceptional. I have never seen any other mask that can eradicate acne as fast as this one. I’ll definitely buy it again and again.
Best experience, sustainable results
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Allison , 2019-03-16
I have had the best experience with refining facial peeling mask. My skin is different from what it was ten months ago. I look young, beautiful, and my skin glows all day and night naturally. Ladies, you should try this one out; if it worked for me then I bet it will do the same for you. What a right skin care partner!
Removes and stops acne
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Susan Roberts , 2019-03-16
Many people who saw me last year confuse me with my younger sister. That’s Refining Facial Peeling Mask has transformed my old, rough skin with dark spots to an adorable, bright, smooth and young one. I would recommend it to anyone with an acne problem.
It is reasonably priced
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Nicole Anderson , 2019-03-01
Although some people say that this mask is pricey, I find it quite reasonably priced considering its worth. Someone once told me that cheap is expensive and I can attest to that due to the fact that of all the cheaper products that I have ever used, none of them could stop my skin breakout. On the other hand, this mask hasn’t only stopped the breakout but has also brought an incredible radiance, smoothness and softness to my skin.
It is very gentle of my skin
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Cecily Brown , 2019-02-17
Although my younger sister complains that this mask causes slight irritation on her skin, I find it very gentle on mine and it is the secret behind my radiant look. The refining effect it offers is unmatched.
An incredible one-year journey
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Lucy Kraph , 2019-02-16
It has been almost since a year since I bought this mask for the very first time. I have been using it regularly since then and it has been an incredible experience all along. My current soft, even and radiant complexion as a result of using the mask has contributed much to my regaining of self-confidence.
Gives skin an instant lift
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Everly , 2019-02-12
I only started using this mask a few weeks ago. Skin treatment with this stuff three times per week has been right for me. My skin is well lifted and looks younger. I regret wasting my money and time on other costly products that gave minimal to zero results. I highly recommend this product
It is really good
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Esther Rodriguez , 2019-02-07
I’m grateful because it has eliminated my dark spots. I also like its refining feel and the fact that it is affordable. It is my all-time beauty partner.
It works
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Melba Morgan , 2019-02-02
I bought this mask a month ago and I’m here to tell the world that this is the product that anyone with black spots, uneven/dull completion or flaky skin should try. It has worked for me and I believe that it will be effective for anyone else.
I love it
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Neville , 2019-01-27
I love Refining Facial Peeling Mask among other products of Premier Dead Sea. Today marks three months since the day I used this mask for the first time. I don’t think there’s any other mask that can cleanse my skin better than this one. I’m very grateful for it.
It is very gentle of my skin
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Cecily Brown , 2019-01-20
Although my younger sister complains that this mask causes slight irritation on her skin, I find it very gentle on mine and it is the secret behind my radiant look. The refining effect it offers is unmatched.
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Lina , 2019-01-19
I’m usually very excited when I’m going home to apply this mask. Apart from soothing my skin with a warm feel, the mask refreshes it and gets rid of all the impurities it had collected. In the morning, I wake up to a more beautiful, glowing and smooth skin.
A great solution to wrinkles and fine lines
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Clara , 2019-01-15
I’m in my 50’s and just like any other person at that age, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging akin have been a major concern. Fortunately, I have realized that the fine lines and wrinkles have been reducing gradually within the six months that I have been using the mask. It really works.
I love everything about it
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Jasmine , 2018-12-30
I love everything about it Refining Facial Peeling Mask, from its nice scent to its ultra-effectiveness. The refining feeling it gives me when it touches my skin is beyond any description. It has given a fantastic look that no other cosmetic product that I have so far tried could have given me.
It restores my youthful look
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Rose Ricks , 2018-12-28
I rarely put on make-ups from the moment I started using Refining Facial Peeling Mask. I look young and beautiful even without any makeup because the mask has locked in my natural beauty. It has helped me regain my youthful skin effortlessly. It is one in a million.
Its look doesn’t lie
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Martha , 2018-12-24
The lavish look of the container of the mask is truly a reflection of the top-quality content inside it. it is the only mask that has comprehensively addressed my acne problem as a result of its capability to absorb all the dirt, oil, and toxin inside my skin.
Good for sun-damaged skin
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Betty Matheson , 2018-12-16
It’s been an incredible journey of reclaiming my normal skin with Refining Facial Peeling Mask after the unforgiving sun damaged it during my four-month mission work in a semi-arid area. I had nearly everything that I had always feared to have on my face, from sunburns and small pimples to very visible dead skin. This mask has helped me overcome all that and as I write this, my skin is smooth, spotless and radiant.
I’m very grateful
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Sally Don , 2018-12-11
I’m very grateful for this product. It has gotten rid of my black spots and prevents the formation of pimples, an issue that I had tried to sort out previously but in vain. I’m currently the trending topic at my workplace because no one thought I could have a smooth face. Some of my colleagues have started to use the mask too.
A perfect mask
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Joyce , 2018-12-08
This is the perfect mask for my face! I feel instant change upon applying it. The warm and some tightening feel I get when it is on my skin are the initial indications that the mask is doing something good to me. It has improved my look remarkably. I like it!
Easy but very effective application
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Regina Ackley , 2018-12-02
This is another great fantastic immediate-action product by Premier Dead Sea. Its application is simple as it spreads well. I allow it to sit on my skin for only three minutes and that’s enough period for it to sink in. I then rinse it with warm water. The result of such a simple task is a more glowing and youthful-looking skin.
best !
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ whittney , 2016-04-22
I broke out all over my face so I tried this out had better results in one night
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Ruthie , 2016-02-19
I love the way my skin feels after better than other mask
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