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Тонизирующее средство для сухой кожи



Этот тонизирующий очиститель кожи помогает поддерживать ее природный баланс посредством вяжущего действия, сужая поры и стимулируя нормальное состояние кожи. 

пропитайте лосьоном марлевую салфетку и протрите очищенную кожу лица и шеи

It mosturizes skin
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Christine , 2019-05-16
I was a little pessimistic when buying this fantastic product. And from my recent experiences with many creams, you can understand why. To be honest, I did not have much faith if it would work, but to my surprise, it did. Now my skin feels smooth and soft like I have always wanted. This actually works!
Great product!
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Christine , 2019-03-09
I?m one of the people with sensitive skin and most of the products I?ve tried before don?t do me any favors. I bought this purified skin toner, hoping that it would give me better results and true to its description, my skin looks more natural and younger than ever. I'm delighted to have made this purchase!
Best cream ever
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Rachel , 2019-03-08
I've been suffering from dry skin for as long as I can remember. I've tried different products from various suppliers, and none seems to work in my favor. I decided to try this skin toner and ever since my skin remains moisturized for long and does not give me any side effects. It is precisely what I was looking for.
Body Butter
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Nadine , 2019-02-11
The milk & honey aromatic Body Butter is so creamy and smooth I feel like I'm in a spa when I use it.
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