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为广大客户提供由死海资源制造的顶级护肤品是Premier Dead Sea的使命。通过死海具有的所有神秘力量,世界上最优秀的科学家得以获得死海的秘密、自然的智慧和科学的进步。

Premier Dead Sea的理念是建立在科学与自然的结合能够创造奢华护肤品的原则上。Premier为过去20年中得到全球认可的产品功效和质量而感到自豪。



平均 : 4.6 / 5
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I met this beautiful website when looking for the most recent and advanced natural skin care products. I loved how easy it is to navigate through the site. I ordered a moisturizer and body cream from them and placing an order was such a breeze. I couldn’t believe when they contacted me and informed me to collect my items from my address. It was soo fast! Love you guys!
Mitchell Ora
I have been looking for a product that would work for my awful eczema and I MUST CONFESS that the road has not been smooth. My sister had it from her friend how the premier dead sea salt scrub had cleared her problem quickly. She shared the news with me and I tried it asap. I’m happy today that the problematic condition is quickly fading away. I have fallen in love with your products and I’m now looking forward to such a time that I’ll have started using all my cosmetics products from premier dead sea.
Mary Newman
You can’t imagine how life can be unbearable with psoriasis. But I love these guys because they really manufactured efficient products for psoriasis. A friend of mine told me about their psoriasis products and went ahead to order. These products have removed all the plaques and flakes. They have also moisturized my dry skin encouraging faster healing. Thank you so much Premier Dead Sea for bringing products specifically designed for us!
Sandra Palmer
I am a happy customer! I love the customer care guys of premier dead sea. I contacted them with questions about a product my husband had bought for me. They responded promptly and nicely providing me with all the answers I wanted! Premier dead sea are my guys and their products my products! Will come back again and again!
Helen S.
Wow! I was thrilled with the performance of the nail kit from premier dead sea. They have greatly worked for my nails and cuticles and can’t now spend my time and money seeking for manicure services. I now enjoy treating myself from home when I have the time to do it. I like it sooo much!
Meghan W.
They have a vast range of wonderful products which really works. I’m glad that I met their body wash cream on this website. I have been using the cream for a long period of time and it is simply wonderful. It has a long lasting sweet scent and lasts for a long time. Provides good value for the dollars spent!
Nail Kits
I have been using my nail kit and I absolutely love it!!!
Virginia Wright
Great line of skin care
This is the best skin care line I ever used, Love It
Products that actually work
I've been using the eye cream and eye serum for 2 years and I can honesty say that they work. You can really see the difference !
Ace SMART neck
Just received sample 0f ace smart for the neck. What a special product. Have been placing on my upper lip and to my surprise the lines have receeded and now smooth.
Susan Fuelling
Premier Dead Sea products
Hello to every body especially INNA my best ,best seller of PREMIER DEAD SEA products.
So patient and nice answering and advising me with each product i get
I' m so hook with this company
Each day the first thing i do when am with my I pod check the website.
I dont want to miss any promotion
My best is the serum for the eyes and face.Uauu!!!!
billy john
like that shaving cream
yo guys havr the coolest shaving cream in the world//love it/
Sharon M.
The Miracle Noir Mask really is a miracle. I love that it leaves behind those essential oils, and it helps with my redder skin.
Eileen Purnell McAfee
Exfoliating and Cleansing Facial Gel is wonderful. I have had very porous skin before using the face gel. I started using the gel in July 2008 and my face has done a 360 degree turn in a couple months. My face has become much smoother and my acne is all cleared. I will always use Dead Sea Premier products. Thanks for my new face!!! (Dark marks are lighter too)!!!!