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Founded over 20 years ago, Premier Dead Sea harnessed the powers of the Dead Sea and created skincare unlike anything ever imagined.

Premier Dead Sea skincare is the harmony that occurs when nature is honed by the powers of science and technology. Premier scientists take all of the benefits of the Dead Sea’s minerals and the splendor and botanicals and unlocking their properties in the state-of-the-art laboratories.

Each product is developed and formulated to accelerate the skin’s natural ability to renew itself. Since the skin is a barrier, most substances and skin products cannot penetrate and treat the skin. While most skincare products are only moderately effective, each Premier Dead Sea formula is made with liposomes and phospholipids. These organic components help skin to recognize the beneficial qualities our cosmetic products, making our formulas highly effective.

Our success is thanks to the legendary Dead Sea, a mystical and deadly salt lake with the highest salt mass in the world. While the Dead Sea cannot support aquatic life, it has been an important health and beauty resource for thousands of years. The high concentration of minerals in the salt, the water, and the mud of the Dead Sea can treat countless ailments like skin disorders, vitamin deficiencies, and joint pain.

Our biggest idol in our pursuit of beauty is Pharaoh Cleopatra VII. As the last ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra had a reputation as a powerful conqueror that stopped at nothing to get what she wanted.

Our 20 year stay on the market has given us quite the reputation. We’re proud that our determination for innovation and integrity for our brand has won us numerous awards and accreditations. We have received awards from Cosmopolitan, the Cosmetics Business Award, and we have been the winner of Health and Beauty Association award for several years running. Our innovative measures are also paralleled with our efforts to protect the environment. We have been dubbed as the Guards of the Environment by the environment council in the country of our headquarters. Our feedback and reception has allowed us to pride ourselves with our high standards, excellent quality, and sound practices.

The mission of Premier Dead Sea is to deliver quality skincare by utilization the secrets of the Dead Sea, the power of nature, and the innovation of the finest technology. Our philosophy is based on the idea that nature and science combined make luxurious skincare. Only the purest of nature’s elements, the best of the Dead Sea, and the most advanced technology and research can help us to reveal the most beautiful part of ourselves.