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Professor George Smoot Nobel Prize Winner in physics leads Premiers research and development department.

Professor George Smoot, an American astrophysicist and cosmologist, a professor at California Berkley and head of Premier’s medical research team.  NUNA is an at home anti-wrinkle and anti-aging medical device. Nuna is dermatologist recommended, FDA certified anti-aging medical device for home use. NUNA makes use of the most advanced FDA certified anti-aging technologies.

nobel prize anti-aging device

Dr George Smoot is a professor of physics at California Berkley, and a senior investigator at the National Lawrence Berkeley laboratory at the University of California Berkeley.

Professor George Smoot, Nobel Prize laurate – winner, heads the Premier research and development department, developing advanced technological FDA approved anti-wrinkle and anti-aging technologies in both electronic device and advanced skin care to will further position Premier as a leading skin care company. Utilizing the most advanced, safe and certified available technologies in the world where new consumption habits are being changed and the home has become the main care arena for beauty grooming.

“The technology we developed in Nuna leads to amazing skin rejuvenating results, The fact that Nuna max can be used together with any skincare is a big advantage for skin rejuvenation.
Nuna uses red light therapy to treat a number of medical conditions, the red light penetrates the skin to the exact depth where the wrinkles are formed to naturally boost collagen and fibroblast production. It’s the only hand-held red-light therapy technology that can go to that level.

Patient’s report seeing measurable improvements for concerns like wrinkles, lines, pigmentation, skin texture, pores and over all skin health.
Nuna truly exceeded our expectations, we are very proud of our achievement and the results it gives our users.
Nuna is the breakthrough of the decade, it’s a really powerful facial treatment, A quick, easy, safe device that can rejuvenate the skin in just a few minutes and can be done at home any time”.  

Professor George Smoot,

professor at Berkley university and Nobel prize laureate in Physics based in Paris.

I am professor Torello Lotti and I’m President of the World Health Academy of Dermatology and Chair of Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Rome. For the last 30 years, I’ve devoted my life to battling the effects of age on our bodies and have authored over 3.500 scientific publications.

I’m always looking for new developments in the battle against time so when I was introduced to Premier, I was excited about its unique medical approach, quality formulas, and impressive active ingredients.

After testing the Nuna device together with the Premier skincare on my patients, I can confirm that with this combination it is possible to achieve professional medical-grade anti-aging treatments at home.

The unique synergy of active ingredients found in the Premier skin care products and the hi-tech-medical technology in found in Nuna is capable of delivering professional medical grade results. These combined technologies give skin an immediate glow by stimulating collagen and fibroblast production resulting in Skin rejuvenation. I saw improvements on users for multiple skin concerns such as wrinkles, scars, sagging, imperfections, pigmentation and skin health and texture.

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Professor Torello Lotti President Of The World Health Academy Of Dermatology

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Nuna Premier review by Professor Philippe A Liverneaux-Chair of Plastic Surgery Department France

As a plastic surgeon I have access to all of the most advanced technologies available. We always look for ways to achieve anti-aging results: Over the years I have tried many solutions. Today I can personally recommend using NUNA to avoid cosmetic injections and even plastic surgery and to prolog the results for those who have already undergone injections or surgery.

Nuna has shown remarkable results; when using on its own and even better results when paired with Premier skin care; Patients report that after treatment their skin became lifted, healthy and with less wrinkles, we have even seen good results on acne.

These results can be explained due to the light level used in Nuna reaching the exact wrinkle depth to restore elastin and boost collagen for the formation of new skin cells.

I strongly recommend my colleagues – doctors and plastic surgeons to let patients use Nuna before deciding on surgery. At the same time, I recommend using Nuna for everyone including those who have undergone a surgical treatment or cosmetic injections.

NUNA uses proven and safe technologies, without any side effects or complications, giving patients the same results, they would expect to get at a professional doctor’s clinic.

The results that Nuna enables nowadays at home, were once achievable only in medical clinics. This makes Nuna a very cost-effective solution for treating wrinkles, lines, skin texture, pigmentation and more, and for prolonging the effects of cosmetics injections and plastic surgery.

Selected Editorial Boards Professor Philippe A Liverneaux

Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (JPRAS)

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Hand Surgery & Rehabilitation (past Deputy Editor)

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