6 secrets of Cleopatra beauty that are still valid today

Cleopatra utilized natural beauty products that were readily available 5,000 years ago and are still used today. Cleopatra has always been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and the rumor of her dazzling appearance and beautiful skin has been spread from generation to generation. Indeed, the ancient Egyptians were famous for their beauty rituals as far back as 5,000 years ago, and Cleopatra was the queen of beauty innovation. The Egyptian queen's beauty methods were so progressive that many of her secrets are still relevant today. 
The following beauty products are still utilized today: 
1. Dead Sea Salts
Benefit from a 10% discount on Dead Sea skin care products here. Cleopatra understood the healing properties of the Dead Sea salts and was famous for using them for their natural healing properties. It is not known whether she fully realized the full range of benefits that Dead Sea salts provided to the skin by replenishing essential minerals, but they were an integral part of her beauty routine.  
2. Kohl
Cleopatra used kohl to create her famous cat's eye that she has had for 5000 years. Egyptians really embraced make-up and kohl was the basis of one of their most famous inventions, eyeliner. Not only was kohl beneficial as a beauty product, it also protected the eye from the sun while protecting against infections. 
3. Milk and Honey Face Masks
Cleopatra have used milk and honey facial masks for their moisturizing qualities. 
4. Milk Baths
The lactic acid in milk was known to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. It is probably the most renowned and eccentric beauty technique that Cleopatra used in her beauty regime. Nowadays, it is very unlikely that someone would fill a bathtub with hot milk, but there are products containing hydroxyl acids that you can add to your bath water to replicate this effect. 
5. Sesame, Castor and Moringa Oils
The ancient Egyptians regularly utilized natural oils to prevent wrinkles and preserve their youthfulness. The rich Egyptians were actually quite venomous, and a lot of them were represented as tall, thin and beautiful in art when in fact they were the opposite.
6. Henna
Brilliance is that she used readily available natural products for her own benefit. The Egyptians mastered the art of skin care and the first cosmetics and that is how Cleopatra consolidated her place in history as the queen of beauty. Henna is known nowadays for its decorative and ceremonial use on hands, arms and faces, especially in the Middle East and Asia. But Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians also used henna as one of the earliest forms of nail polish. Henna was used to dye their nails, as well as to condition and protect them. 
The genius of Cleopatra was how she used readily available natural products to her benefit. The Egyptians mastered the art of skincare and early cosmetics and this is how Cleopatra cemented her place in history as the queen of beauty.