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Dead Sea Mud Cream



For all skin types. A luxurious Dead Sea mineral cream specially formulated to treat the skin for a youthful appearance. Enriched with Dead Sea mud and selected plant extracts, the cream helps to condition the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft.

Our new Premier EXCLUSIVE MUD COLLECTION is the brilliant fusion of pure untouched nature into a new skincare treatment.

Our products are easy to apply and our masks are easy to apply and remove. This at home facial treatment is simple, quick and delivers smooth and beautiful skin for every age.

The Premier scientific team has taken the benefits of pure Dead Sea mud with nature's splendor of plant extracts to unlock all that nature has to offer.


Apply onto clean skin and massage gently in soft circular motions until fully absorbed.

My mother loves this cream
  • REVIEWED BY Emersyn , 05/03/2019
I love the sweet scent and how this cream it gets absorbed in my skin quickly. Only a week of usage, and my skin has started looking smoother and softer. My mirror shows that my wrinkles are fading and a friend said so yesterday am too happy.
The best anti-aging product to ever use
  • REVIEWED BY Ariel B , 03/11/2019
This is the best anti-aging product I have ever used. I wanted to try it but am seeing myself sticking to this product for good. The results are impressive, and the price is also very reasonable
The best one!
  • REVIEWED BY Fannie Fitzgerald , 03/10/2019
This is a game-changer in an attractive package! I have been looking for a cream that would work well with my oily skin. All the other creams I have used before are a complete waste of money. They even made my skin worse until a friend recommended this cream to me. I’m now a happy beautiful woman.
The smell too sweet
  • REVIEWED BY Valeria I , 02/25/2019
I am giving I a five-star rating since it delivered all the results given by the seller in the product description. I thought some reviews are fake, but today am here to attest how this product has restored my soft and smooth skin. I love it
  • REVIEWED BY Patricia S. , 01/19/2019
After I got a new job, I could not get time to go to a beauty shop to get my face done. I therefore had to look for an affordable cream that would help me maintain my skin beautiful and smooth without the hassle of booking for facial treatment sessions. A friend of mine recommended Dead Sea Mud Cream and I went ahead to try it. The cream has done a wonderful job on my face and I’m now glad that I have an efficient at-home facial treatment.
A big surprise
  • REVIEWED BY Erin S. , 01/15/2019
After suffering for long enough with an old looking skin, my husband decided to surprise me with these 3 products. It was a great surprise indeed. I have been using the cream, face serum, and mask for two weeks and anyone who used to see my face daily can already see a remarkable difference. They work wonders, I simply like them and will keep ordering going forward.
I look younger and prettier
  • REVIEWED BY Elisa Fitzgerald , 09/22/2018
I had always thought the Premier Dead Sea products are just overrated for nothing until the time I bought Dead Sea Mud Cream. I decided to give it a try because it was cheap and so, I had nothing much to lose in case it backfired on me. To my surprise, my skin started to change within the first week of using the cream. Four weeks later, the fine lines have faded away significantly and I look younger and more beautiful.
Moisturizes and refreshes my skin
  • REVIEWED BY Ollie Robbins , 09/03/2018
After taking a shower, I use Dead Sea Mud Cream to moisturise and refresh my skin. I apply it gently on the clean skin by massaging it in soft circular motions for approximately two minutes until I notice that it has been completely absorbed. As a result, my skin has become smoother and softer. I used to have conspicuous fine lines before I discovered this cream, but now you can hardly spot them.
My daily routine
  • REVIEWED BY Sally Meyers , 08/29/2018
I have made the use of Dead Sea Mud Cream my daily routine and the results are amazing. I used to have a scaly dehydrated skin, but this cream changed all that and gave me a look that I’m always proud of. Like other Premier Dead Sea products, this one is also epic. My friend bought it last week when she saw how it had improved my skin. She’s very excited because her skin has already started to show some impressive results.
It never disappoints
  • REVIEWED BY Lynn Keith , 08/22/2018
I am here to urge anyone looking for an affordable cream that will undoubtedly be beneficial to their skin to try Dead Sea Mud Cream. For the two months that I have been applying it, I have discovered that it is an excellent cream that never disappoints. The appearance of my wrinkles keeps on reducing day by day of use of this quality product. It is my monthly must-buy skin care product.
Affordable and very effective
  • REVIEWED BY Shawna Moss , 08/17/2018
Dead Sea Mud Cream is simply a product that any beauty enthusiast can’t afford to miss. I not only find it easy to apply, but it is also simple with quickly noticeable results. My self-esteem is a notch higher, thanks to the smooth and beautiful skin that this cream has given me. Still, $39 is an insanely low price for such a great product.
More than perfect
  • REVIEWED BY Jaime Klein , 08/16/2018
Perfect is an understatement as far as describing this cream is concerned. It spreads very smoothly on my skin and sinks deep into my skin, leaving me with a moisturized, smooth and radiant skin. It is the only cream that has managed to improve my previously rough, dry skin to a soft and moisturised one. I have been buying it online; I hope its distributor will bring it to our local stores. All in all, I am happy that I found it.
Five stars for this
  • REVIEWED BY Melba Griffith , 08/13/2018
I’ll unregrettably give Dead Sea Mud Cream a five-star rating! It offers more than I could expect from a cream of its price. When I use it in the morning, I am assured of all-day fresh, smooth, hydrated and soft skin. Thank you, Peter, my friend for introducing me to this million-dollar product by sending me a link to the product.
  • REVIEWED BY Winifred Espinoza , 08/12/2018
Dead Sea Mud Cream is very cheap as compared to other creams of its calibre. I’m very grateful to Premier Dead Sea for considering the beauty needs of low income earners like me through the product. However, I can’t help buying it even if the price is raised a little bit since I have realised that its value is priceless.
My ultimate cream
  • REVIEWED BY Nettie Cortez , 08/08/2018
After a long struggle to get back my well-moisturised, smooth and glowing skin, I finally got Dead Sea Mud Cream. It has offered me all that my skin needed to look young and stunning again. I am planning to buy a facial mask from Premier Dead Sea to supplement the results of the cream. Kudos Premier Dead Sea for your innovative, skin-friendly and natural products, particularly this cream.
The best cream ever!
  • REVIEWED BY Camille Gross , 07/26/2018
Of all the skin creams that I have ever used, this one stands out. It is the only one I can count on for an all-day moisturised skin. I also like it because it sinks into the skin and so, it doesn’t make me look unpleasantly oily. My fine lines are becoming smoother while the complexion is becoming brighter and healthy with each use of this top-of-the-line cream. I am lucky to have found it.
A splendid daughter’s gift
  • REVIEWED BY Tabitha Higgins , 07/14/2018
My daughter bought me this cream online after I spotted it at her house and admired it because it looked luxurious. I was amazed when she told me how cheap it was and that it was the secret behind her fine, acne-free and glowing skin. I don’t think I can get a better skin care cream than Dead Sea Mud Cream. I feel very indebted to my daughter for the magnificent gift.
Lots of love to this
  • REVIEWED BY Tami Navarro , 07/06/2018
I’m madly in love with this cream. My salonist had been wondering why I rarely visit her salon of late. When we met last week, she was awe-struck to see me rocking even more despite not visiting her salon. She couldn’t believe it that all the transformation that she was seeing was as a result of Dead Sea Mud Cream. She swore that she would buy at least three bottles of the cream for her and her clients. What an incredible product!
Worth the money spent!
  • REVIEWED BY Kristine , 07/03/2018
I was on a tight budget and therefore I could not afford to buy an expensive cream. I found this cream with a lower price tag on Premier Dead Sea website and I decided to give it a try. I can’t regret that I bought it. Considering how quickly and efficient it works, this is good value for money. The product is worth every penny I spent.
5-star product!
  • REVIEWED BY Sheryl R. , 07/02/2018
I have to rate this product with 5 stars, I wish I would rate it with a 10 stars instead. This is exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t believe how quickly results started to show up. After only 3 weeks of use, my unsightly fine lines were becoming smoother. I’m spreading the word to my workmates. Love it!
Best of the best!
  • REVIEWED BY Alicia , 06/28/2018
I received this product as one of my birthday gifts from my lovely daughter. I always hesitate trying new creams on my skin and I therefore could not use it before researching about the brand. After extensive research, I was thrilled to find out how Premier Dead Sea produces their products from plants and Dead Sea Mud. I tried it and I’m now completely hooked. Can’t look for my skin care products elsewhere.
My husband likes it too!
  • REVIEWED BY Bettie Chandler , 06/15/2018
I was very surprised yesterday when my husband used it because we’ve never shared skin care products. He had to get rid of his ego and admit that I have an insanely awesome taste when it comes to skin care products, especially Dead Sea Mud Cream. We’ve never gotten another cream that’s as effective as Dead Sea Mud Cream. It is our most favourite.
  • REVIEWED BY Monica Palmer , 06/13/2018
I love the simplicity and convenience the Dead Sea Mud Cream has to offer. It is just a breeze to apply the cream even when resting at home after work. I have added this to my list of arsenals and I can’t stop buying it in the days ahead.
It’s wonderful
  • REVIEWED BY Ora Le , 06/12/2018
It’s been long since I reviewed a skin care product because most of those I have ever bought are not worth it. However, I have a lot of good things to write about Dead Sea Mud Cream but let me list just a few of them. First, it is affordable. Secondly, it delivers what it promises. Third, it application is effortless. Fourth, it comes in an elegant bottle that complements of my cosmetic shelve. Wonderful cream! I love it.
Works great for my family
  • REVIEWED BY Lorraine Garrison , 05/30/2018
Dead Sea Mud Cream is my family’s favourite skin care product. I have personally experienced remarkable changes on my skin; less visible wrinkles and glowing, even complexion since the day I began using it. My daughter and I have different skins; mine is dry while hers is oily but this cream defies all odds to give us a youthful look irrespective of our skin and age differences. It doesn’t cause skin irritation and is pretty easy to use.
Our best cream
  • REVIEWED BY Marina Moran , 05/29/2018
My three female colleagues and I are loyal customers of Premier Dead Sea and this cream happens to be part of us. Besides having an extraordinary, pleasant smell, it also spreads exceptionally well on the skin. Unlike other cheap creams, this one doesn’t make someone look like he/she had been deep-fried since it is easily absorbed by the skin. My girls and I love it.
An unmatched product!
  • REVIEWED BY Ebony Doyle , 05/28/2018
I have used many skin creams in my line of work but only a few, if not none, work as impressively as Dead Sea Mud Cream. Considering that it is made from natural materials (plant extracts and Dead Sea mud), it is friendly to all my customers despite them having different skin types. Pocket-friendliness is also a big plus for the product.
  • REVIEWED BY Aida Acosta , 05/11/2018
Dead Sea Mud Cream is one of those things that makes me long to reach home after a long day at work. It offers me a refreshing and relaxing sensation that my skin craves for after day’s exhaustion. How about its scent? Simply fantastic! I’m glad that I can buy the product comfortably without straining my budget.
I’m more beautiful and younger
  • REVIEWED BY Kristie Baldwin , 05/06/2018
I never get enough of this cream! How can I, yet it makes my skin better day by day? I think anyone doubting this cream should ask me to show him or her photos of before and after I started to use the product. Very different! I now look younger and more beautiful. I’d highly recommend Dead Sea Mud Cream to anyone who cares about the welfare of his or her skin.
My 24-hour skin moisturiser
  • REVIEWED BY Shari Quinn , 05/03/2018
Contrary to other creams which I used to carry around for use in case my skin dries up before the day ends, Dead Sea Mud Cream keeps my skin perfectly moisturised throughout the day. Besides, I find it very effortless to use since it spreads easily and absorbed quickly. My friends have bought it too after seeing how it has improved my skin. I will definitely buy it again and again.
Mud products
  • REVIEWED BY Amelia S. , 04/25/2018
I think that I am probably amongst the first to purchase THIS ENTIRE 3 PRODUCT COLLECTION. IT IS PERFECT FOR MY COMBINATION SKIN.

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