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Premier Dead Sea: Premier and the community

Award winning cutting edge skin care scientific dPremier and the communityiscoveries

Beauty products help both men and women feel more beautiful and confident in their skin, but wouldn’t it be amazing if these products also helped them feel like they were making a difference with each swipe of blush or application of facial cream?

Giving back is an important part of working at Premier Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea puts a heavy emphasis on recruiting/hiring/retaining workers with impairments or disabilities, both within management and within production lines.

Additionally, we contribute to their physical rehabilitation as well, by joining forces with “Hameshakem” – (an organization that employs people with a wide range of impairments and disabilities). 

We believe that the values people with disabilities can bring to the workplace, indeed goes far beyond numbers.

In addition, Premier Dead Sea owns a non-profit charity organization that uses 10% of the company’s profits yearly, and donates it to those with disabilities, special needs, single parents, women and men at risk, cancer patients, and more – to help those in need as a way of life.

 “Hiring workers with impairments or disabilities has always been a principal for us, for the past 27 years. I wish we could hire more than we do now, unfortunately since we are formulating and manufacturing our formulas and products in a factory that requires a heavy physical commitment – this could be a bit too much for the ones with severe disabilities. Nevertheless, we will still do our best to hire as many of those with special needs as we can.”, Premier Dead Sea CEO commented.

When it came to the angle of dealing with business problems, Premier Dead Sea CEO also concluded that those with disabilities often have a different perspective of tackling those issues. “We realized that they brought innovative thinking to the table and extraordinary customer care and sensitivity; we encourage all of our customers worldwide to take this path, to support those who are different, but special and better in other ways.”

With the holiday season approaching, we are proud to announce our winner for “Best Community Giving”: Premier Dead Sea, Taiwan.

As part of the spirit-of-giving-back, on Christmas Day, 25th of December 2019, Premier Dead Sea Taiwan, initiated an activity with “c-are-us” foundation, which rehabilitates and supports people with intellectual disabilities.

This foundation has been working with a bakery that solely hires those with intellectual disabilities.

Premier Dead Sea Taiwan not only previously purchased genuine Dead Sea Salt from Israel for use as ingredients, but they also purchased dozens of thousands of chocolate cookies from the foundation’s bakery as well.

We are truly honored to have been able to work together and support the organization, the bakery and all the employee members, and hope that the spirit of giving does not end here but continue to inspire more people.

For us here at Dead Sea Premier, all our customers, distributors and partners worldwide, we are extremely proud to be a part of something so big and life-changing.


We also care deeply about the environment.

Premier Dead Sea is a guardian of the environment

so we care about the environment, that means that we carefully select the materials we use, contemplate wise decisions about the energy we use, and minimize waste as much as possible. We are committed to preserving the environment at all times – from design to manufacturing, and even disposal by consumers.

We care about the environment. An environmentally friendly manufacturing site which uses solar power and unique energy saving components to compliment the environment.

Environment friendly manufacturing plant

Recyclable packaging

All ingredients are ozone friendly

No Animal Testing