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Dead Sea Mud Face Serum



For all skin types. This satin Dead Sea mineral serum assists in smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while assisting to protect against the formation of new wrinkles. A super soft and unique serum with a luxurious texture.

Our new Premier EXCLUSIVE MUD COLLECTION is the brilliant fusion of pure untouched nature into a new skincare treatment.

Our products are easy to apply and our masks are easy to apply and remove. This at home facial treatment is simple, quick and delivers smooth and beautiful skin for every age.

The Premier scientific team has taken the benefits of pure Dead Sea mud with nature's splendor of plant extracts to unlock all that nature has to offer.


Onto cleansed skin, apply 1-2 times a day.

I love how my wrinkles are fading
  • REVIEWED BY Leilani P , 06/19/2019
I used to have some wrinkles on my face that were stressing me since none of the products I used seemed to improve the condition. However, after I came across this product in Los Angeles, everything is now changing. The wrinkles are slowly fading away and am just amazed at how this product worked for me at a time when I had lost hope in anti-aging products.
Two weeks of usage and the results are impressive
  • REVIEWED BY Brianna , 05/18/2019
I rarely rate products I buy with a five-star, but this one I feel that it deserves it. I have never used a product before that delivers results within a short time. Only two weeks down the line, and my skin is glowing and looks cleaner as well as smoother and soft.
Pleasant surprise
  • REVIEWED BY Katrina George , 04/11/2019
I have used this mud face serum for two months now and I can say with confidence that it works perfectly. When I started using it I did not have very high expectations because its rare to get a pocket friendly serum that give excellent results within a short period. It was a pleasant surprise to see my skin having a lustrous glow after using it every day.
Love the product
  • REVIEWED BY Meg Davis , 04/09/2019
The mud cream has a soothing effect on my skin. I love the feeling I have every time I apply it. It has made my skin to be moisturized the entire day and thus giving it a very smooth feel. All this has been attained without straining my finances because the price is well within my reach. I am definitely using it for life.
Excellent product for fair price
  • REVIEWED BY Mitchell H. , 04/04/2019
The price of this face serum beats all of the serums in the market today. It has worked wonders on my skin after a few months of application. It’s rare to get one that works without having to use up all my lifetime savings. I can get it fixed comfortably in my budget because it is no longer an expensive affair. Thanks Dead Sea for giving us an excellent serum with a fair price.
Must have
  • REVIEWED BY June Peters , 03/29/2019
The mud cream is a must have for me nowadays. It is the only cream that has served me so well within a short period of time. I have used it for one month and my skin has a noticeable change. I get accolades from the same people who kept advising me to visit a dermatologist because of the state of my skin. They can’t believe that a cream whose price is affordable to all id this for me.
The wrinkles are fading
  • REVIEWED BY Melody J , 03/21/2019
This product helped me attain a smooth and tight skin naturally and without causing any side effects. Now everybody around me keeps asking the secret behind the wrinkles which are not visible like before. I only apply it in the morning or at night before I go to bed and am satisfied with the results.
  • REVIEWED BY Zenith L. , 03/16/2019
No more rough skin. What a great relieve!! The face serum has become one of my must haves because it is the only product that has fulfilled my desires. My skin is moisturized all day long. The skin is well hydrated and I can step out with confidence at any time of the day. This is my dream come true. I am definitely spreading the word to all my friends and relatives who care to have a gorgeous skin for a few dollars.
  • REVIEWED BY Bridgett E. , 03/10/2019
Everything concerning the mud cream is great. From its ease in application, to its affordability based on price. I only require to have it in my hand bag incase I need a quick fix anytime anywhere. It leaves my skin having a velvety touch every time I use it. If it runs out, I drop by the nearest store and buy it. The price allows me to do so.
  • REVIEWED BY Antonia S. , 03/09/2019
I have been spending so much trying to get my face to have the glowing look again to no avail. I didn’t know it was possible to get my desired results without having to spend so much until my colleague recommended this face serum to me.I was amused by the price and I bought it immediately. It has solved my skin problems and spared my account as well.
Happy with the result
  • REVIEWED BY Celestine M. , 03/06/2019
Aging is inevitable but we can make the process manageable all the same. I have had deep cutting wrinkles because I was not convinced that there is any product that can erase them. My friend gave me her secret of maintaining a youthful look despite our age. I went ahead and got myself this mud face serum. My wrinkles are no more and am a happier person.
It's the best
  • REVIEWED BY Polly Ken , 03/06/2019
I can hardly believe that I no longer have to deal with an annoyingly oily skin. I have used the mud cream for some time now and I love the texture of my skin. It is not greasy after application nor does it leave the skin oily. It’s the best I have used so far. I am glad I decided to use it.
  • REVIEWED BY Medline D. , 02/28/2019
Clearing wrinkles and a cream seemed to have no correlation. To my surprise this mud cream does away with the deep cutting wrinkles. I had those that age you twice. It’s laughable but its true. I had no hope of having them gone. Mud cream has been my miracle and has given me a youthful look that I only dreamed of.
Efficient product!
  • REVIEWED BY Jessie Nelson , 02/26/2019
Efficient but cheap! I was continuously ripped off by expensive serums which didn’t work at the end. You know how bad it feels to pay an arm and a leg for something that promise to deliver but doesn’t. That is how I used to feel before I bought this one. I’m now a happy woman. Thanks Premier for the offer!
The best product ever
  • REVIEWED BY Maisy Joe , 02/21/2019
Good news!! There is a face serum that can transform your face. Am beside myself with joy that is why am leaving my review on this face serum. I am not the kind of person that gives reviews to anything but I have had to give an exemption to this one. For just a few dollars, I have had the best product ever.
Recommend to all
  • REVIEWED BY Catherine R. , 02/13/2019
No more frequent visits to the beauty parlor to have the skin that I want to maintain. I just have to part with a few dollars and get the mud cream. I have used it for two months now and I love the experience. I am definitely going to recommend it to all my acquaintances.
Amazing serum
  • REVIEWED BY Esther Brandon , 02/08/2019
Relieve at last!! After discovering this amazing face serum my skin has not been the same again. I decided to have it in my budget when I saw the price. I purchased it and I have been using it since then. In one month’s time my face is spotless and smooth. No more rough bumpy skin for me.
Impressive results
  • REVIEWED BY Jenny L. , 01/30/2019
My skin is very sensitive so I am always cautious of any product that I apply on it. Some products tend to be so harsh on my skin and end up leaving me in a worse situation. When my friend told me how effective this mud face serum has been on her skin I was still abit hesitant to buy it. She kept pressing me to have it until I gave in. I am surprised that my skin tone has become even in quit a short time. I am really impressed.
Charming cream
  • REVIEWED BY Tamaris N. , 01/30/2019
No more complicated beauty therapy routines to attain my desired skin texture. All I have to do is to ensure that I apply the mud cream daily and my smooth and glowing skin is attained. This gives me a sigh of relieve after all the struggle I have been through. Getting a cream that is affordable and works well with my skin isn’t easy. Mud cream has worked for me.
Luxurious product
  • REVIEWED BY Candy K. , 01/26/2019
It’s unbelievable that my skin has a luxurious texture once again. I had lost hope of ever regaining it back. It has been a long journey, trying out many serums in the market. Some have left my skin with severe break out. It has been hard trying to undo this mess. I have spent so much and I was giving up because my pockets were running dry. My good break came when I came across this face serum. The price is one to die for and the results are just amazing.
Goes well
  • REVIEWED BY Mellissa T. , 01/21/2019
I do apply the mud cream under my makeup. It has never changed the color or the texture of my makeup. I have made it one of my requirements because it goes well with every other product I use. I love the price because I do not feel strained anymore. I can just drop by the shop and leave with it.
Quality worth the money paid
  • REVIEWED BY Agnes D. , 01/21/2019
I love swimming so much but I had a problem to get a cream that will suit my skin after the swim. I have tried others in the market and I ended up disappointed to say the least. I was contemplating to give up my best part time indulgence until I discovered the mud cream. I bought it without having to plan for it for months and it gave me results within weeks of applying it. Quality for my money at last!!
Splendid results
  • REVIEWED BY Annette Gray , 01/13/2019
Finally I have discovered a cream that does not irritate my skin. Most of the creams I have used before this one have frustrated me so much. After spending a huge fortune to have them on my dressing table I regretted it. This one I bought it as I was having a weekend out with my friends and we decided to drop at a nearby body shop to check things out. We loved the price and decided to buy. The results are splendid.
In love
  • REVIEWED BY Samara Moore , 01/12/2019
I am in love with the price of this mud face serum. It is the best in the market because I have used others that ended up frustrating me yet the price was outrageous. I was hesitant to buy it at first because I couldn’t believe it is possible to get a serum that can give results at that price but I went ahead and bought it to test it. I can never regret because my skin is now flawless without straining myself financially.
The wisest decision I have made!
  • REVIEWED BY Anita C. , 01/12/2019
I must confess that buying this cute serum was the wisest decision I have ever made. The product was promptly delivered, worked just fine and here I am; ordering another one for my lovely sister who is in college. I’m sure she will be thrilled by this one. Lol!
The best ever
  • REVIEWED BY Roxy Jason , 01/10/2019
The mud cream is the best due to its easy mode of application. It does not need any more instructions to use it and get going. If you want to have a nourished skin, then you are well sorted by this cream. It has changed the look of my skin; it’s now fresh and well moisturized no matter the time of day.
Great gift
  • REVIEWED BY Wendy G. , 01/09/2019
My friend gave me this mud cream as my birthday gift. I kept it lying around the house because I do not like trying out new stuff on my face. One day out of curiosity I decided to apply it. You cannot believe my amused face after I applied it. My skin felt different immediately. My face was glowing the entire day. Thanks Girlfriend for the great gift.
Great product
  • REVIEWED BY Alexis May , 01/01/2019
This mud cream is one of a kind because after application it doesn’t leave your skin with a greasy effect. It is different from all the other creams that I have used in the past. I have used it for six weeks now and I love the texture of my skin. I cannot forget to mention that the price is great. You can’t break your home bank to add on your creams budget. I did not break mine.
Excellent results
  • REVIEWED BY Georgina A. , 12/31/2018
I hadn’t planned to buy the mud cream when I went for shopping that afternoon. I saw it on the shelves and price made me to want to try it. I bought it and I have been applying it since then. It has given me quality results. It exceeds the expectations I had when buying it. I wasn’t expecting much due to its price. It’s the first cream to have excellent results with a fair price.
The price is friendly
  • REVIEWED BY Leyla Stevens , 12/30/2018
I am an outdoor person because of the nature of my job. I have been searching for a cream that can fit my skin. It hasn’t been easy and I have had to part with a lot of money to attain it. It’s rather unfortunate that all I did was deplete my account without any significant change on my skin. When I started using the mud cream, the situation has changed because my skin is hydrated longer and at the same time I have managed to save a lot. Their price is very friendly.
Easy for using
  • REVIEWED BY Lorena M. , 12/26/2018
The mud face serum is easy to apply and rinse off. I do not have to visit expensive spurs to have my face done. The mode of application is easy to understand and follow. This has reduced my visits to the spur and this has allowed me to have a huge saving.
Goes well
  • REVIEWED BY Mellissa T. , 12/12/2018
I do apply the mud cream under my makeup. It has never changed the color or the texture of my makeup. I have made it one of my requirements because it goes well with every other product I use. I love the price because I do not feel strained anymore. I can just drop by the shop and leave with it.
Wonderful results
  • REVIEWED BY Daisy C. , 12/11/2018
I have been discouraged before to try and enhance my look because everything I have tried before always back fired on me. This is after using up more than half of my salary every month until my financial strain escalated to unmanageable levels. My sister told me to try the mud face serum but I was skeptical about it. The price is just the best and the results are wonderful. I am a fulfilled customer who will be buying again and again.
The best thing
  • REVIEWED BY Becky Lee , 12/10/2018
Do you want to use a cream that will be readily absorbed in the skin? I pose this question because it was the exact one that my cousin did before introducing me to the mud cream. It was the best thing that happened to me because since I started using it my skin is smooth. The roughness and dried patches are all gone.
Works perfect
  • REVIEWED BY Belinda Peters , 12/09/2018
Who doesn’t want to have a hydrated skin all day long? I am one of those ladies who striving to get my face hydrated even when I spend several hours outdoor.Honestly, achieving this has been hard but eventually I have attained it. The face serum has made me to feel comfortable in my skin yet again.
Enjoy the effect
  • REVIEWED BY Jacinta Ramos , 12/06/2018
I can now flaunt my face like every other girl my age. My face has embarrassed me among my peers for so long. My story changed when I came across this face serum one evening when I was shopping for other body products. When I saw the price tag I decided I had to add it to my shopping bag. The price was affordable so I bought it immediately. I love the transformation on my face after such a short period of using it.
The best of the best
  • REVIEWED BY Sidney Brake , 12/03/2018
I came across this mud face serum in the internet and I contacted them using the contact number given. The customer care service was top notch. The lady who talked to me answered all my questions and was patient with me.I needed an assurance that this face serum could meet my needs as far as my face was concerned. I ordered it and it was delivered to my door step promptly.
Surely, this is a 5 star
  • REVIEWED BY Alice Carter , 09/30/2018
I must admit that this is the best product I have tried so far. My daughter suggested that I should try to keep away the wrinkles. Reluctantly, I decided to give it a try. My initial attitude was that the mud face serum was just another beauty product making empty promises. Within weeks of using it, the wrinkles started to fade away.
Worth every penny
  • REVIEWED BY Aubrey Cook , 09/29/2018
I have been using Dead Sea mud face serum for close to one month now and so far, I can’t compare with what I was using before. First, I was skeptical about trying this product given its lower price point. But I was wrong. Some higher-priced products I had tried before are much inferior to this.
No Regrets
  • REVIEWED BY Zara Wood , 09/23/2018
I have a sensitive skin that doesn’t respond well to a majority of skin care products. The first time I tried this product, I didn’t know how it will react to my skin. Thankfully, everything was smooth sailing. I don’t regret giving it a try.
Beauty is in the Mud
  • REVIEWED BY Victoria Roberts , 09/22/2018
Before using this mud face serum, no one had mentioned to me about its effectiveness. It seems most of the people, I know, who were using it kept it a secret. I bought it as a complement to another Premier Dead Sea product. I’m completely satisfied with how this product softens and protect my skin against wrinkles.
Works as Promised
  • REVIEWED BY Martha White , 09/14/2018
In this age where commercial interest takes the center stage, it is difficult to find a product that delivers exactly what it promises. That is why I treasure mud face serum. It delivers on what it says it does.
Unmatched Value
  • REVIEWED BY Jasmine Campbell , 09/13/2018
Mud face serum appealed to me because of its low price. What I didn’t know, however, was that the product does wonders to keep away fine lines and wrinkles.
Completely Satisfied
  • REVIEWED BY Katie Stewart , 09/11/2018
I’m not a junkie of beauty products, but what I can guarantee is that mud face serum is an effective solution for fighting wrinkles and fine lines. I have used the product for a couple of weeks now, and I’m completely satisfied.
The Results Speak Volume
  • REVIEWED BY Amber Long , 08/14/2018
I used to doubt facial serums until I tried this product. My sister, who has been using it for one month, introduced it to me. I rarely try new products, but I decided to try Dead Sea mud face serum. I could not believe the kind of results I got. Today, it is my number one facial serum.
Highly Effective
  • REVIEWED BY Violet Jenkins , 08/03/2018
It is not every day that I praise the products that I use, but when a product does magic, I will not hesitate to recommend to my friends. Dead Sea mud face serum works to deliver the promises it makes. I like it because it works faster to smoothen and soften my face.
Revolutionary Product
  • REVIEWED BY Nancy Scott , 07/20/2018
I lack words to describe how this product has done justice to my face. My husband always complains about my wrinkles, which seemed to increase every day. I was worried too about how people think of my appearance. I shared my concerns with one of my close friends who introduced me to Dead Sea mud face serum. I still thank her to date for introducing me to such a wonderful product.
Natural all the Way
  • REVIEWED BY Rosie Cooper , 07/17/2018
It is rare to find a natural product that can improve your facial appearance at the price of Dead Sea mud face serum. Being a beauty professional, I confidently recommend this product to my clients because of its special formulation that applies the latest technology.
Exceeded Expectations
  • REVIEWED BY Hannah Jackson , 07/16/2018
I regret why I did not find this serum early. I tried dozens of skin smoothing beauty products, and in the majority of the cases, I was disappointed with the results. I never gave up though. I bought a mud face serum after some research.
Top-quality Serum
  • REVIEWED BY Gracie Clark , 07/16/2018
I’m a woman who values my appearance. I usually take time to choose the kind of products that give me the desired image. When I first heard of mud face serum, I researched deeply on the internet. I learned that the product is formulated using natural minerals and plant extracts. I decided to try it, and I have never looked back.
Works For all Ages
  • REVIEWED BY Clara Wright , 07/09/2018
I absolutely love mud face serum because it does wonders on my face. My mom ordered two pieces so that we could test it together. The product has delivered exceptional results for both of us after using it for only a month.
Wow! Superb Product
  • REVIEWED BY Isabelle Murphy , 07/08/2018
I’m a fun of Dead Sea mud products. They always deliver great results every time I use them. Of late, I have been using mud face serum to keep away wrinkles and fine lines on my face. And for sure, my skin looks shiny and softer than it has ever been.
Perfect product!
  • REVIEWED BY Kristy , 07/04/2018
Oh my, I must have buried my head under the sand! How comes that I didn’t know about Premier Dead Sea before?? Thanks to the internet that I came across this serum and I added it to my cart! It is now my best friend. I’m throwing away all the craps I was using before. I am so glad that I bought this one!
  • REVIEWED BY Rose Jacqueline , 07/01/2018
I was so pissed off and almost lost hope after spending too much money trying serums from different manufacturers across the U.S. After months of researching, ordering, and trying, I was almost certain that serums don’t work. But wait until my hubby bought this one for me last week, I’m lost of words. It have made my skin incredibly smooth, soft and beautiful. Love it so much!
High quality product!
  • REVIEWED BY Violet D. , 06/30/2018
I was attracted by the low price tag of these 3 products. I thought before that I couldn’t get high quality skin care products at a low price. However, the cream, face serum, and mask from Premier Dead Sea have proved me wrong. The products are excellent and they work so well. Congrats guys for the great job!
Absolutely Loved It
  • REVIEWED BY Abigail Baker , 06/24/2018
I don’t hide my admiration for natural products from Premier Dead Sea. I’m over 50 years old, and one of my worries has been how to control the development of wrinkles and fine lines. When I first heard of the mud face serum from my friend, I knew it was the solution to my pale looking skin.
Wonderful face serum
  • REVIEWED BY Charlotte Perry , 06/22/2018
I got Dead Sea mud face serum from my hubby. I wasn't sure of how effective this serum is, but he encourages me to give it a try. It worked as promised. I highly recommend this mud face serum to anyone who needs a natural and effective skin smoothing product. Thanks, Premier Dead Sea for such as wonderful serum.
Thanks a lot!
  • REVIEWED BY Kari , 06/14/2018
My workmates are always asking me what I’m applying on my skin these days. Some of them thought that I’m having my facial treatment done by experts! I have been recommending this serum to them and they are loving it too. Thanks Mercy for letting me know about this important product.
  • REVIEWED BY Kara Oliver , 06/10/2018
Kudos Premier Dead Sea experts for doing such a great job! I have been using this serum for the past 2 weeks and I can now confidently say; yes, Dead Sea Mud Face Serum works great! I’m your customer for life from now going forward! Thanks a bunch!
My Beauty Secret
  • REVIEWED BY Annie Brown , 06/10/2018
My friends have been asking me for the secret of maintaining a smooth and soft skin. They have been used to my dull looking face, but things have drastically changed, thanks to the mud face serum. When I first told my friends that I only use mud face serum, they thought I was hiding something. Their attitude change when they try it for themselves.
Less for More
  • REVIEWED BY Lucy Parker , 06/05/2018
My face means everything to me. I can go an extra mile to invest in a top dollar product if I believe it will deliver what I want. What is interesting is that I spent way less on this product than what I had spent before on facial serums, which some don’t even come close to what Dead Sea mud face serum delivers.
Not your Usual Facial Serum
  • REVIEWED BY Megan Washington , 06/02/2018
I have never felt so satisfied with making the right purchase decision until the day I choose to try mud face serum. I had tried several facial products, but nearly all of them fall short of expectations. Though I was not sure of the effectiveness of Premier Dead Sea products, I decided to take the risk. Thanks to premier Dead Sea, now my face radiates with beauty.
Mud products
  • REVIEWED BY Jessica , 05/01/2018
Purchased the 3 mud products which I received last night, these are perfect for traveling. especially fond of the mud facial serum.
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