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"Wrinkle Attack" Miracle Cream Wand



Attack the wrinkles directly at their source with this unique application, working its magic to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Combining latest technology and age defying ingredients to encourage resurfacing of the skin’s surface.

Combines our advanced technology with age defying minerals from the Dead Sea and collagen liposomes to encourage effective rejuvenation making your skin appear younger and more radiant. 


Onto cleansed skin, apply directly into the wrinkles and fill in with upward strokes. Remain motionless for a couple of minutes. You may apply make up.

Amazing change !
  • REVIEWED BY Maria , 04/01/2019
I used this product 1 year ago. I have started to see a big difference after almost 3 months of treatment. I really liked the way that it disappear my bags. Looks so naturally,
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