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Gel de Soins Intensifs Anti-Age Contour des Yeux





Ce complexe Biox anti-âge est un composé ciblé et relaxant pour un effet anti-rides intense. Il constitue une solution alternative et sûre à des injections de toxine botulique. Ce complexe réduit considérablement les rides d'expression, empêche la peau de s'affaisser et donne du tonus et de l'élasticité à la zone du contour des yeux. Votre visage est plus ferme, plus lumineux et vous avez l'air plus jeune.

deux fois par jour sur la peau nettoyée

No side effects
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Julie , 07/06/2019
I can?t get enough of this product. Though I was doubtful at first, I was surprised when I started using it. It drastically cleared the eye circles under my eyes completely. The product does not have any side effects on the eyes which, was my fear. I have been using it for five months now and I love it
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Dolores , 05/05/2019
I love it, you can really see immediate results right upon application.
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Susie C. , 30/04/2019
Everyone who meets me thinks I am at least 10 years younger. I swear that this eye cream gel together with the eye serum works together for excellent results. I use the eye cream twice daily and the cream gel every morning.
The Best Eye Wrinkle Eraser Ever
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Laurie Greene , 06/04/2019
I've tried many, many eye creams, gels, trying to eliminate wrinkles around my eyes, along with spending tons of $$$ on products that didn’t do the job. This is really the BEST eye wrinkles eraser!
Best product
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Mary , 27/03/2019
I used a sample of this product from my friend. After some few days, I noticed it was changing my face and clearing my dark spots. I could not wait to buy my own package. I have been using it since then and my experience is amazing. This is my best eye treatment product.
Makes me look younger
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Patryk C , 22/03/2019
After one month of using this eye treatment gel, everyone at workplace noticed the change on my face. Everyone wanted to know the secret behind it. I was so happy to tell them that my secret was this product. It has removed all dark lines under my eyes and I now look younger.
Bye Bye Eye Wrinkles
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Harris Yolanda , 16/03/2019
I think that this is the best eye cream around for mature skin, it’s applied with a tip and fills in the wrinkles immediately, it smooths and softens lines great product!
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