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Ultimate Hand Cream | Dead Sea Products | Dead Sea Premier | A112

Ultimate Hand Cream

93 100 1 abc
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A silky, exclusive cream compose of Dead Sea minerals, witch hazel, liposomes, and botanical extracts that immediately absorbs the skin without leaving a slick, oily residue. With each application the cream intensely moisturizes and softens the skin, leaving your hands luxuriously smooth.
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SKU A112
Size 50 ml / 1.7 Fl.oz
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A Silky, high performance cream with Dead Sea minerals, liposomes and botanical extracts that is immediately absorbed by the skin without leaving a slick, oily residue. It develops a protecting film on the skin leaving your hands soft and luxuriously smooth.
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  • Instantly nourishes skin
  • Loing lasting moisture
  • Non-greasy feeling 
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Application: Spread on hands and massage gently.
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  • Minerals from the Dead Sea:  Over millions of years, the Dead Sea formed at the lowest point on earth, 1378 feet below sea level, in the middle of the African fault. It is known as a prime location for the skin care industry, due in part to its very high content of salt, minerals and natural elements. Its unique minerals help to rejuvenate, heal and smooth the skin. Leading laboratories are taking advantage of this unique natural source and using it to produce skin care products of unparalleled perfection. Using the composition of the Dead Sea, which contains high levels of magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium and potassium, and advanced scientific processes, Premier cosmetics are the best in their class.

  • Witch Hazel:  Witch hazel is a plant cultivated in North America and Asia, obtained from the leaves and bark of Hamamelis Virginiana, which possesses powerful medicinal properties. It is beneficial to the skin in several ways: 
    - Contains anti-inflammatory properties 
    - Peut calmer la peau et peut aider à traiter l'eczéma
    - Can decrease skin irritation
    - Assists in minimizing pores
    - Assists in removing excess oils and impurities 
    - Provides nourishment for the skin

  • Aloe Vera:  An exotic plant rich in vitamins, aloe vera is known for its natural healing and soothing properties. In addition to its soothing abilities, it provides moisture to the skin, promotes skin repair, relieves skin irritation, fights acne and slows the aging process. Overall, this plant does wonders for the skin and, when combined with active ingredients, aloe vera can deliver results faster, leaving the skin nourished, refreshed and balanced.
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Use With
  • Shower Cream Ultimate: In the shower, lather yourself up with this rich, creamy shower gel. Your skin will be clean, soft and refreshed with every wash.. 

  • Multi-purpose ultimate moisturizing cream: Maintain the rest of your skin for deep, immediate hydration. Body cream formulated for the entire body to give your skin a feeling of calm and help protect it from future dryness. 

  • Exfoliating facial gel: Wash your skin with this soap-free dermatological cleanser made from fruit grains. Every cleansing will leave your face refreshed, clean and youthful looking. 
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