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Thermal Beauty Experience Mask





Эта моментально действующая, согревающая, снабжающая энергией маска, обладающая лечебными свойствами, характерна особой согревающей фазой, оставляющей незабываемое впечатление. Содержащая комплекс минералов Мертвого моря (ВТЕ) в сочетании с согревающим эффектом, маска способствует раскрытию пор, абсорбируя грязь, жир и токсины. Ее уникальное согревающее действие способствует глубокой чистке кожи. Благодаря этой ультрасовременной маске Ваша кожа выглядит моложе, чем обычно. Используйте тепловую маску, придающую красоту, и Ваша кожа станет крепкой, чистой и будет прекрасно выглядеть.


слегка размешайте маску шпателем. Нанесите маску толстым слоем на чистую и влажную кожу. Кожа сразу начнет нагреваться. Оставьте маску на 2-3 минуты. Смойте теплой водой. Избегайте попадания маски в глаза. При попадании в глаза тщательно промойте их водой. В случае раздражения кожи при пользовании маской смойте ее холодной водой и перестаньте пользоваться ею.

Gives radiant skin
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Morgan , 2019-06-16
If you have sensitive skin like mine, you should give this product a chance. I was worried that it would cause some irritation and burning effects but good thing that never happened. Now I have a radiant skin free of excess oil, dirt, and toxins. I also look younger in my new skin. Some of my friends are inspired by the change and want to give it a trial. Outstanding results!
It delivers fully
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Rose , 2019-06-12
I love everything about Thermal Beauty Experience Mask. Although it seems pricy, it delivers fully. I started using it at a time when my skin was totally damaged; dry patches and aging signs all over. Now, my face is well lifted, moisturized, and looks youthful. I have been using fewer makeups of late. After all, I still have a natural glow even without any makeup.
Safe during and after treatment
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Khloe , 2019-05-11
When I applied this mask on my face for the first time, I was so scared that it would burn my face. I had used several masks back then that I ended up giving away; I could not bear the irritation. I was happy that the Thermal Beauty Experience mask did not cause any adverse effects during and after treatment. My skin is smooth, looks healthy and beautiful.
Feels wonderful
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Joyce Wayne , 2019-04-16
I love how wonderful this mask feels on my skin. It absorbs so well into my skin and leaves my face feeling tighter and looking more radiant.
This line of product is hi end and fully delivers
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Sonja Jane , 2019-04-12
These products are THE BEST... EXPENSIVE and worth it ... I purchased several items for my darling Ma and myself including this thermal mask ... the dead sea mask ... the nail kit ... cleansers... salt exfoliate ... creams etc. Ladies and gents TREAT YOURSELVES 100% worth its price.
Great overall
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Mercy Rinh , 2019-04-12
Everything about the thermal beauty mask experience is great – from the texture to the smell to the warming sensation it has on the skin. I can vouch for this product.
Great for sensitive skin
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Veronica Josphine , 2019-04-12
When I first used thermal beauty mask experience, my skin felt a little too warm and irritated. I couldn’t wait for 3 long minutes, so I rinsed quickly with cold water. I had contemplated giving the mask away, but then I decided to give it one more try. The second time my skin was able to handle the heat. I have been using it ever since and my sensitive skin is now looking radiant. I advice those with sensitive skin to give it a chance.
Loving the thermal effect
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Mitchell K. , 2019-03-22
Unlike many masks that give a cold sensation when applied on the skin, this mask gives a unique heating action which I really love. Once I put it on, I can feel my skin tightening, which means that the ingredients are working. I’m thankful that I found this product.
Great Choice!
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Nicky , 2019-03-22
I’m a big fan of Premier Dead Sea Products, and the Thermal Beauty Mask Experience is one of the many products I use by this company. I have never tried other masks before, so I don’t know how it compares with others. All I can say is that this mask has made my skin looks healthier and younger. It’s a great choice.
Works great
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Judith Watt , 2019-03-19
So I bought the Thermal Beauty Mask Experience and I have been using it as instructed. After using it for three months, I can confidently say that it indeed works!
Great moisturizer
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Maryanne Christabel , 2019-03-06
This mask absorbs quickly into my skin and feels more like a moisturizer than a mask. It really works for my dry skin. I highly recommend it.
Silky Soft Feel
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Beatrice Thring , 2019-03-04
At 52, I have fine wrinkles around my eyes. My daughter bought me this mask and I have been applying it twice per week. The fine wrinkles are less noticeable now compared to how they were before I started using the product. Thermal Beauty Experience is an amazing product that I can recommend to anyone.
Great Moisturizing Mask
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Penelope Joyce , 2019-02-22
I’m a big fan of masks. I’m used to a mask routine 3 times a week. Before I started using the Thermal Beauty Mask Experience, I had not used a mask costing above $100. As I’ve come to find out, the quality of this mask is worth the high price. It’s moisturizing, refreshing and does wonders to my skin.
Works as advertised
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Winnie H. , 2019-02-21
I’ve tried out different brands of masks and just like everything else, not every mask works as advertised. The Thermal Beauty Experience, however, is one of the few that stays to true to its promise. I have been using it and I have no complains whatsoever.
Happy with the results
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Mary W. , 2019-02-20
I’m loving how soft my skin feels and looks after a few weeks of using thermal beauty mask experience. It even gives me the confidence to go out make-up free! The product has really given me good value for my money.
Incredible Results!
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Titus Harrison , 2019-02-03
I’m a man in my early 50s and felt like I could use a little anti-aging boost to my skincare regimen. I have the usual marks of age-fine lines and some loss of skin elasticity. Is started using this mask a couple of months ago and my skin is transformed. Fine lines have greatly reduced and my face feels firmer.
Highly recommendable
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Rose Julie , 2019-02-02
I’m almost 40 years old, and although I look younger than I am, I noticed that my skin is slowly losing its glow. That was almost three weeks ago. I started looking for alternatives to the mask I was using, and that’s how I came across Thermal Beauty Mask Experience. I’ve been applying it thrice a week and I have seen a remarkable change. My skin now looks and feels smoother. I highly recommend this product.
Brilliant, amazing results
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Aymarina Rita , 2019-01-23
I have used several of these masks and I can attest that Thermal Beauty Mask Experience is working wonders! If you’re looking for a mask that will work for your skin, then this is it.
As good as it looks
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Julie Charmaine , 2019-01-18
I love how Premier Dead Sea packages its products. The Thermal Beauty Mask Experience is packaged beautifully, and the product inside is as good as it looks. It works as intended.
Worth every penny!
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Florence Rebecca , 2019-01-17
My sister and I have been referred to as ‘the acne twins’ since we were teenagers. I don’t usually buy expensive skincare products, but after I saw how Thermal Beauty Mask Experience worked well for my sister, I decided to buy it for myself. My sister’s skin is flawless and mine is almost there. It’s a high time people found another nickname for us!
Amazing facial product
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Grace Brown , 2018-12-26
Since I made this product part of my weekly beauty routine, I have seen my facial skin looking radiant than it has ever been. After using it for three months, the fine wrinkles under my eyes are no longer noticeable. I’ll continue using this product.
It’s Working Great!
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Jane Bancy , 2018-12-25
It’s been 11 weeks since I started using Thermal Beauty Mask Experience, and I’ve already started getting compliments of how smooth my skin looks. My self esteem is getting back, which is a huge bonus. I’m thankful for this product.
Clears black spots
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Helen K. , 2018-12-25
I almost gave up trying to get rid of black spots after trying several beauty products without any desirable outcomes. A friend advised that I try Thermal Beauty Mask experience. I was hesitant at first as I was worried that the many dollars I was going to put into the product would go to waste. I saved for it and it turned out that this is the one product I needed. I’ve used it for 3 months now, three times a week, and the results are amazing. The small black spots are gone and the big ones are decreasing with every use. Anyone with acne should really try this.
Wonderful product
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Lorna Lyra , 2018-12-14
Thank you for making another wonderful product. All your products are amazing, and the Thermal Beauty Mask Experience is no exception. It’s working for me and I intend to continue using it. Thanks again!
  • ОТЗЫВ ОСТАВИЛ Ruth Moss , 2018-12-13
I have normal skin, but I’m prone to breakouts whenever I try out a new facial product. To my surprise, I didn’t have any break outs when I first used the Thermal Beauty Mask Experience. I have used it for 4 months, four days a week and my skin looks amazing.
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