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Dead Sea Mud Mask



For all skin types. A one-of-a-kind Dead Sea mineral mask that targets dehydrated areas in the skin for long lasting results. The mask blurs the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while helping to protect against new wrinkles formation.

Premier’s brand new EXCLUSIVE MUD COLLECTION is an innovative fusion of pure and untouched nature with scientific skincare methodologies. 

The collection’s products are simple to use and the masks are easy to self-apply and remove. This at-home facial treatment delivers quick results – a smooth and beautiful skin for all ages and skin conditions.

The Premier scientific team has combined the benefits of the Dead Sea mud with natural plant extracts to gain from all that nature has to offer.

The Premier Guide for Dead Sea Mud Mask

The mud used in our Premier Dead Sea cosmetic products has been widely acknowledged for the numerous medical benefits that it brings. The truth is that these products will make you see a big difference shortly after you start using them. Today, we`re going to go through the Dead Sea Mud benefits as far as health. This Premier guide is here to explain why the Dead Sea mud mask can help take care of your skin complexion, making it appear bright and shiny.

The products you use to keep your skin smooth and radiant will determine how successful your skincare routine is going to be. The results greatly depends on the quality of the ingredients in the products you use. As one of the biggest Israeli manufacturers, Premier Dead Sea is widely accepted as one of the best skincare companies with the highest quality ingredients.

Premier`s products are quite effective because they use the latest technology to get the most out of the raw natural ingredients. Then, they add their own personal secret to produce cosmetic products with proven benefits. The direct benefits for your skin come from the harmonious and synergetic mix of special, high-quality ingredients combined with advanced technology for the best results.

Overview of the Dead Sea`s Health Benefits

Located between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is actually a lake with salt water - but not just any old salt water. The Dead Sea`s water, mud, and the surrounding slit are extremely rich in the most unique combination of minerals such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

The Dead Sea mud has been used for centuries to treat many health conditions ranging from back pain to psoriasis, as well as for reducing inflammation or relieving local pain.

So far, Dead Sea mud has been proven to treat psoriasis and acne, reduce skin impurities, help ease chronic back pain, and provide relief for arthritis. By applying Dead Sea mud as a compress treatment, it`s possible to treat psoriasis flares. It`s also perfect for dry skin.

Mud masks can do wonders when it comes to removing dead skin and impurities on your body. Magnesium and the salt found in the mud greatly improve your skin`s condition, as well as its elasticity. Dead Sea mud is also known as medicinal natural black mud.

Basically, it`s a homogeneous mixture of organic elements and minerals specific to the Dead Sea that helps stimulate and improves blood circulation in the skin. Since this mud has thermopexic properties, it can help to treat all sorts of skin diseases. It also helps to soften and cleanse the skin.

The Different Minerals Found in the Dead Sea

Out of 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea mud, the most important ones are Potassium, Bitumen, Calcium, Bromine, Magnesium, and Sodium. 12 out of 21 minerals found in the pure Dead Sea mud mask are specific only to this saltwater lake and most of them are recognized for their many medical benefits.

These minerals may help provide relief from metabolic disorders and rheumatic discomfort. They may also improve the circulatory system, nourishing the skin and simply making you feel more relaxed. For example, Sodium is known for improving skin permeability. Its ions help remove skin scales very effectively.

People with dry skin should definitely try the Dead Sea mask because it`s ideal for this skin type. You can make your skin soft and supple again with ease.

There is also an extremely high concentration of Magnesium in the Dead Sea water.

Since magnesium is essential for cell metabolism, the Dead Sea mud can help people with a magnesium deficit, especially with psoriasis and skin scales. It also works as an anti-allergic agent.

Potassium is known for regulating the electrical processes of the nervous system and the muscles while improving oxidation.

Calcium is essential for cleansing the pores and strengthening cell membranes in your skin. It`s vital to the maintenance and production of healthy bones and teeth, and it greatly contributes to the overall health of your skin, nerves, and heart muscles.

As you can see, the Dead Sea mud has numerous health-promoting properties that are the secret to its success.

What Makes the Dead Sea Mud So Special

The mineral wealth found in the mud has a remarkable healing and antimicrobial effect and can be used to treat a variety of health conditions. That high concentration of minerals and salts is what makes the Dead Sea mud so special, as well as the geographical features of the Dead Sea itself.

Dead Sea water has a 33% mineral and salt concentration, unlike any other salt water on our planet.

Such a high concentration and unique mixture of natural elements give extraordinary abilities to both the Dead Sea water and mud. This mineral composition contributes to regeneration and restoration, as well as improved cell metabolism.

The mud is unlike any other mud in the world and helps treat different skin disorders such as acne and eczema. The secret behind its extraordinary efficacy lies in its rich mineral content that can restore the pH balance of your skin while accelerating natural exfoliation.

The Dead Sea mud can help anyone keep their skin disorders under control. It provides physical relief and it improves the look of facial skin.

What are the Dead Sea Mud Face Mask Benefits?

Dead Sea mud mask review tells us that it can directly help you keep your skin appearance younger, tighter, brighter, and healthier. The black Dead Sea mud face mask has excellent anti-aging properties and it`s particularly effective at removing blackheads. Due to its natural exfoliation properties, it effectively delivers the much-needed vitamins and vital nutrients onto the skin.

This helps keep your skin clear and reduces the amount of bacteria in your pores. There are three top dead sea mud mask benefits:

1. It removes skin impurities and dirt

Dead Sea mask is an immensely powerful face cleanser and it can remove all bacteria from the pores in your skin. Since it can penetrate deep, it makes the skin look much smoother and cleaner. It`ll make your skin radiant and reinvigorated.

2. Excellent skin hydration

The skin looks healthier and fresher because of the proper hydration and invigoration with natural minerals and vitamins. If your skin is oily, the mask can help decrease the oily residue, as it provides full exfoliation. Basically, the Dead Sea mud face mask will help renew the appearance of your skin, leaving permanent and clearly noticeable results.

Proper skin hydration is essential to retaining moisture, which gives your skin that healthy and shiny look. Once you start using this facial treatment, you`ll restore your skin`s appearance for a longer hydrated feel.

3. It assists in diminishing the appearance of scars and acne, helping the healthier and newer skin reveal itself.

Other Uses of the Dead Sea Mud

For Acne

A powerful Dead Sea mud for acne treatment helps clean your face from acne caused by genetics, stress, bacteria or dirt. The large number of nutrients and minerals in this mud provide a tightening effect that restores the pH balance of your skin. This`s extremely helpful for those who are experiencing an annoying issue like acne.

The Dead Sea mud mask is the best acne treatment that gives outstanding results and helps keep your skin looking healthier and cleaner. It can assist in the prevention of acne breakouts and diminish the appearance of any traces of scarring. The mud mask can be used as a facial mask, but the Dead Sea mud bath also has numerous health benefits, not only for your skin but for the entire body.

For Hair

The Dead Sea mud for hair is excellent for the strengthening, renewal, and proper nutrition of hair follicles. The Dead Sea mud mask gives your hair beauty and a strengthened appearance while at the same time assisting in the prevention of hair loss.

The mud is rich in salts and minerals that work miracles for both skin and hair. It saturates the hair roots and scalp with vitamins and vital substances.

After continued use, the mud provides your hair with a vibrant look. The results are visible after a short while and it`ll effectively prevent any negative changes, eliminate inflammation feel, and supply your entire scalp with vital energy. It`ll help to relieve split ends and dandruff, eliminate excess oil, and make your hair appear shiny and thick.

Here`s an Unbiased Premier Dead Sea Mask Review

The unadulterated and natural composition of elements in the Dead Sea mud helps reduce the signs of aging while providing great care for your delicate skin. This Dead Sea mud mask review is here to give you a valuable insight into the benefits of using the mud mask.

By making this face mask a part of your regular skincare routine, you`ll get a powerful tool that`ll help you to treat the most common skin problem that might occur.

A pure Dead Sea mud natural face mask is one potent product indeed, as it can effectively remove the appearance of blackheads, acne, eczema, and pimples. It can also help with dry dehydrated skin. It directly improves the elastic appearance of your skin, making it appear radiant, healthy, shiny, bright, and young. Using a Dead Sea mud pack will definitely help you get that healthy youthful look you`ve always wanted.

This Dead Sea mask cleanses the pores, removing impurities, grime, and dirt, allowing your skin to breathe while nurturing it with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. This product gives your skin everything it needs to look healthy.

Review of Premier Dead Sea Mud Products

We would like to recommend two extremely powerful products coming from Premier Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap

Rich in minerals and vitamins vital to the health of your skin, the Dead Sea mud soap bar provides exceptional skincare. It`s perfect for a daily routine, as it deeply cleanses the skin, removing dead skin and leaving you feeling refreshed. You can read Dead Sea mud soap reviews here.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud for Body

The mineral composition of the Dead Sea mud allows the skin to absorb moisture much better. It also allows proper hydration, which is very important for skin health.

The Dead Sea Mineral Mud for Body will give your skin a youthful and healthier look. In case you were wondering where to buy Dead Sea mud products, you can visit one of their numerous stores in over 60 countries.

After thoroughly cleansing your facial skin, gently massage a thin layer of the mud onto your face. Leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

My friend and I like it
  • REVIEWED BY Susan Shepherd , 09/30/2018
I’m here to thank Premier Dead Sea for bringing the skin-enriching Dead Sea minerals closer to my buddies and me through this mask. I was introduced to the product by my best friend a few days ago after she realized it was working extremely well with her skin for the short time that she had used it. We both like it.
Excellent moisturizer
  • REVIEWED BY Ruth Alexander , 09/30/2018
I was first introduced to the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask by my best friend. Whenever we go swimming, the chlorine in the water always affected my skin. When my best friend noticed the cracks and paleness of my skin after our swimming sessions, she offered her Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask, and I let it soak in my skin for about 10 minutes. My skin was back to normal after the treatment. I am saving up to buy it as I am planning to use it before and after every swimming session.
Perfect for my skin
  • REVIEWED BY Nicole Barnes , 09/29/2018
Ever since I was a child, I've had hyper-sensitive skin. My skin would react differently to various skin care products, and as such, I am very cautious with what I apply on my skin. I love the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask because it is perfect for my skin. It does not cause any allergic reactions on my skin, and its moisturizing properties help the texture and feel of my skin.
Good for a gift!
  • REVIEWED BY Cassie D. , 09/28/2018
If there is one beauty product that I guard the most, it is the mud mask. Interestingly, I stumbled upon the product by chance. I was looking for a gift for my bestie, and this unique mask got my attention. After she used it for some days, I noticed changes, so immediately ordered mine.
The best mask ever
  • REVIEWED BY Joy Petersen , 09/27/2018
I don’t think there is any other mask that can transform my skin better than Dead Sea Mud Mask. Although I have used it just for a month, it has improved my skin at a rapid rate. Besides, it smells really nice and its price doesn’t break the bank. I don’t I’ll need to think about going for botox anymore. This is my ultimate anti-aging solution.
Very Affordable
  • REVIEWED BY Mary Bond , 09/25/2018
This mask is extremely affordable! I didn’t imagine that I could get such a powerful mask at just $39. I had used more expensive masks before, but none of them matches Dead Sea Mud Mask. I have been applying it on my face for the last one month, and I like every bit about it. It hydrates my skin very well, leaving me with a glowing, beautiful complexion.
Excellent Mask
  • REVIEWED BY Amanda Simpson , 09/24/2018
My rating as far as the mud mask is concerned is currently 10/10.Its an excellent mask that has greatly transformed my dried skin. I have struggled a lot to get these results. I have tried consulting dermatologists to no avail. The costs have been straining me a lot. That’s why this mud mask to me is excellent and second to none.
Alleviates allergies and pain
  • REVIEWED BY Maria Carter , 09/23/2018
I rate the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask as the best mud mask I have used so far. My skin is hyper-sensitive to things like allergies, pain, acne breakouts and so on. I love the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask as it helps prevent and cure allergies, pain, psoriasis, and arthritis.
Acne Reliever
  • REVIEWED BY Helen Wakin , 09/20/2018
The mention of the word acne sends chills to me. It is a real nightmare to have acne and you cannot get anything to clear it. My colleague floated the idea of using the Dead Sea Mud mask to me to get the much needed reprieve. I bought it and I bet that is the best decision I ever made. My face is now acne free.
It works marvelously
  • REVIEWED BY Maria Wyatt , 09/17/2018
Having used several Premier Dead Sea products previously and seen their unmatched, fantastic results, I decided to give this mask a try this month. Two weeks down the line, I can now confirm that the product really works marvelously. I now take pride in my softer, brighter, healthier and smoother skin like never before. I would recommend it to a woman or man who wants to have such a skin.
Best Price
  • REVIEWED BY Megan Harris , 09/17/2018
When my friend recommended this mud mask to me I was hesitant to get it. When I visited the seller’s website, I was awed by the price. I couldn’t believe it was still possible to get a mud mask at such a fair price. I decided to purchase it and try my luck. To my surprise it has worked on my skin. I love what I am seen when I look at my face.
Perfect for any skin type!
  • REVIEWED BY Malia L. , 09/13/2018
If you are like me, then I bet you love specially formulated skin care treatments that work on any skin type. I have a sensitive skin, which often reacts to most skincare products. This has not been the case with Dead Sea mud mask, though.
Highly recommended
  • REVIEWED BY Julie Jackson , 09/13/2018
I would highly recommend the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask to any person who’s planning to visit a sunny destination. I have used the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask in all my work and vacation trips to sunny destinations, and it works great. It helps moisturize my skin and protects it from getting scorched by direct sunlight. Thanks to the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask, I can take beautiful vacation pictures of myself and approach business meetings confidently – without being self-conscious about my skin.
Very relaxing
  • REVIEWED BY Raquel Henry , 09/12/2018
My job is so demanding that I rarely get time for myself. But whenever I get some free time, the Mud mask is the first thing I turn to to relax me. I absolutely love the sensations it gives my skin as I massage it in. On average, I use it twice and thrice a week and I feel the positive effects it has on my skin.
Powerful and works great!
  • REVIEWED BY Beverly D. , 09/10/2018
My husband surprised me with this product during our anniversary last month. I regret not knowing how powerful the mask is let alone its existence. I was skeptical at first, but he dared me to just try and true to his words the product has completely changed my appearance for the better.
I can use it anywhere
  • REVIEWED BY Elizabeth Lewis , 09/10/2018
The reason I like the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask is that I can use it anywhere at home. There's no need for professional help, and I can use it while doing other chores at home.
  • REVIEWED BY Della Aguilar , 09/07/2018
I am extremely grateful to the people that developed this amazing product. When things get stressful at work, my close colleagues and I massage our skins with the Mud Mask during lunch breaks. This mud solution and our cool office parkbring a cool, refreshing feeling to our skins. We leave it on for up to 20 minutes and after that, the day flows smoothly.
  • REVIEWED BY Betty Martin , 09/06/2018
I use the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask whenever I want to feel rejuvenated after a day in out in the sun. Since my skin is naturally dry, I like to treat it with the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask to moisturize it and soften it. This mask leaves my skin feeling refreshed and looking great for the next day.
Courage booster
  • REVIEWED BY Tammy Anderson , 09/04/2018
The Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask helps me look good and as a result I feel good and feel more confident. It eliminates the bumps and wrinkles on my skin and leaves it soft, supple and well moisturized. I always apply the mask on my face before any presentation at work and it works as my confidence booster every time.
Anti-aging product
  • REVIEWED BY Sofia Ray , 08/30/2018
Aging is inevitable but we can treat our skin to look younger and glowing despite our age. I knew this was what I wanted but I could not get the best product to make it happen. I have been using the mud mask and I can attest to it that it is the best anti-aging around. It has smothered my prior wrinkled face and it’s hard to tell that the deep wrinkles existed.
I go through three bottles a month
  • REVIEWED BY Leticia Garza , 08/29/2018
I am blessed with three wonderful daughters who keep raiding my skin care products. Personally, I treat my face, neck, and inner arm area with the Mud Mask every single day after work and it has helped get rid of unsightly lines and wrinkles. I especially love Sunday nights where my daughters and I turn our home into a spa. We use the Mud Mask on our entire skins.
Reduces wrinkles
  • REVIEWED BY Patricia Yvonne , 08/23/2018
My friend recommended it to me as a solution to reduce wrinkles, which had developed on my face, and so far I have no regrets of trying it. Since day 1 of using this mask, I have fallen in love with every bit of it. My skin looks refreshed and smoother than ever.
Buy! Buy! Buy!
  • REVIEWED BY Nina Simpson , 08/22/2018
I have been struggling with wrinkles and black spots until I started using Premier Dead Sea’s Mud Mask. The reason I love this skin care product is that it uses natural ingredients to treat damaged skin. The natural minerals extracted from the Dead Sea have worked miracles on my skin and I couldn’t be happier.
Highly recommended
  • REVIEWED BY Georgina D. , 08/21/2018
Skin break outs tend to cause one a lot of embarrassing moments. I have lived the tale and I was almost giving up on my skin. I tried to use so many others and nothing gave me the skin I desired. When I started using the mud mask my skin started improving. Right now I look different because my appearance has improved greatly. I highly recommend it to everyone out there.
Relaxing to use
  • REVIEWED BY Janice Washington , 08/21/2018
I love applying the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask as it helps me relax. I work in a stressful job, and whenever I apply the mask to my skin, I tend to relax. As the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask works on my skin, I use those 10 minutes or so rearranging my thoughts. I love this mask as not only does it make my skin look vibrant but it gives me time to focus on the things I want to accomplish on a given day.
Excellent and efficient!
  • REVIEWED BY Britney G. , 08/20/2018
I absolutely love the mud mask. It's unique, yet simplistic in packaging and more importantly, effective in treating all skin types. It has earned number one spot of the top skin care products I use today. If I were to rate the product, I would definitely give it a 5 star.
Makes skin appear soft and supple
  • REVIEWED BY Penelope Gonzalez , 08/17/2018
Ever since I was a kid, I noticed that my skin is the dry type. If I don’t care for it it flakes and forms black spots. I found the Mud Mask when browsing the internet and since then it has been my go-to skin care product. I love how it moisturizes my skin within a few short minutes and lasts all day long.
Perfect skin tone
  • REVIEWED BY Lindsay Schneider , 08/16/2018
When I took my family on a summer vacation, I completely neglected my skin and the sun punished me for it. My skin tone became disoriented from the massive skin burns I got. I originally bought this Mud Mask to return my skin to its original shape but this product surpassed all my expectations. Within a week my skin was looking better than before. My skin tone is perfect that I don’t have to use makeup to correct it. This mask has been good to me that I can’t see myself not using it.
Beautiful look, beautiful feel and beautiful smell
  • REVIEWED BY Jana Fields , 08/16/2018
Whenever I apply this mud mask, I feel my most beautiful. Not only does it make my skin look and feel beautiful but it also leaves a wonderful scent even after washing it off. I simply love this mask.
Worth every penny
  • REVIEWED BY Anne Frank , 08/16/2018
I bought this mask two weeks ago and for me, it’s worth every penny I paid for it. I like how it’s extracted from natural ingredients, I love how it smells and most of all I love how it makes my skin look and feel. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of wrinkles using natural products.
Easy to use
  • REVIEWED BY Sophia Salazar , 08/15/2018
I like how easy it is to use this mud mask. Every morning before I leave for work, I normally take a shower then I apply this Premier Dead Sea product. I normally rub it on my face, neck and chest regions then I let it sit for about ten minutes before I rinse it off.
Maintains a smooth and shiny skin!
  • REVIEWED BY Lizzie R. , 08/15/2018
This mud mask works like magic. I don't intend to try other solutions for maintaining shiny and smooth skin. Since it works for all ages, I can use it as long as I’m alive. I highly recommend this mask to any lady who wants to maintain a smooth skin.
Awesome one-day experience
  • REVIEWED BY Patricia Dyer , 08/13/2018
I can’t wait to reach at home today and put on this mask. I used it yesterday for the first time and couldn’t fail to realize that it is quite different from other masks that I have ever tried. I felt instant hydration effect on my face for the seven minutes that I allowed it to sit on my skin. I’m certain that I finally got my ultimate anti-aging mask.
Makes my skin glow
  • REVIEWED BY Kathryn Smith , 08/13/2018
I work as an alcohol-drink promoter at high-end dance clubs. My job involves looking great for my clients while promoting various brands of alcoholic drinks. The Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask is my secret weapon. It corrects the skin tone and makes the skin appear more vibrant therefore helping me stand out at my job.
I Look 10 years younger
  • REVIEWED BY Georgia Lucas , 08/12/2018
After using the Mud Mask for almost a month, the results are priceless. My job requires me to meet a lot of people who always confuse me for a twenty year old when I meet them for the first time.
It's multi-functional
  • REVIEWED BY Judith Scott , 08/12/2018
I personally like the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask for its multi-functional properties. The fact that I can use it on my face, neck, and body or even treat my hair with it makes it one of my favorite skin care product. Once the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask gets into the scalp, it supplements the hair follicles with natural mineral and vitamin ingredients from the Dead Sea.
My search is over
  • REVIEWED BY Marion Baxter , 08/09/2018
I bought this mask online a month ago as I was looking for a natural product that could help me look younger by getting rid or minimizing my facial wrinkles. I decided to try it out although it had no user reviews. However, I had some confidence in it since Premier Dead Sea is prominent for producing top-notch products. I’m extremely thrilled because it turned out to be the exact product that I was looking for.
Personal skin therapy
  • REVIEWED BY Leticia Carlson , 08/05/2018
The Mud Musk is my favorite personal skin therapy treatment. I use every single day after work to treat and relax my skin. I apply it after I wash away my makeup and sometimes it relaxes me that I fall asleep with the treatment on. I like how it opens my skin pores to help my skin breathe better.
Extremely healthy
  • REVIEWED BY Ashley Sanders , 08/04/2018
Since everyone is talking about seeing a massive improvement in their skin after using the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask, I would like to mention some health benefits I have experienced with this product. Despite the obvious improvement in my skin tone, I have noticed better blood circulation and pain relief after using the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask.
Easy application
  • REVIEWED BY Laura Williams , 08/04/2018
My favorite part about using the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask is the application. My routine involves taking a shower, drying my skin completely, then massaging the mud mask on my skin for about 5 minutes. I then let it sit on my skin for a good 10 – 15 minutes before I rinse it off, after which my skin is set for the day.
Radiant skin
  • REVIEWED BY Anita K. , 08/03/2018
I owe so much to the mud mask because of making me smile again. My face was not only dry but horribly rough. I saw my friend after sometime and she looked so different. I asked her what’s her secret and she told me about the Dead Sea mud mask. I started using it immediately and my skin is so radiant to say the least.
Works just as described
  • REVIEWED BY Lisa Hoover , 07/29/2018
To those doubting this mask, I can confidently assure you that it works just as indicated in its description. It has given me a new smoother, finer and radiant look with less visible fine lines for the short span of time that I have been putting it on every morning. It is one of those products that I can’t feel any pinch while buying even when I’m low on budget. I’d highly recommend it.
Best Moisturizer
  • REVIEWED BY Patricia Colon , 07/27/2018
Before I figured out the benefits of using the organic Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask to moisturize, I used to get very self-conscious whenever I touched my skin. The dryness of my skin caused wrinkles which resulted in bumps and flakes. I use this face musk to keep my skin soft and moisture all day long.
Perfect for all skin types
  • REVIEWED BY Teresa Nelson , 07/27/2018
The natural ingredients in the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask are perfect for all skin types. It works well on my dry skin and well on roommate’s wet skin.
Gives faster results
  • REVIEWED BY Laura K. , 07/20/2018
If there is one product I can confidently recommend because it works as promised, then it is this mud mask. I like it because you don’t need to wait for months to notice changes. Before using it I was a bit skeptical, but after trying it for a few weeks, I was happy with the results.
Simple to use!
  • REVIEWED BY Lora G. , 07/20/2018
Few products can match what they promise to do and the actual results. I’m happy that mud mask is among the few products that deliver on what they promise to do. Moreover, it is simple to apply or remove from the skin.
Smells amazing!
  • REVIEWED BY Virginia Cox , 07/20/2018
I love the instant results of this Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask. I have used this skin care product for only a few days, and I can see a vast improvement in the texture of my skin. The wrinkle lines and black spots have started disappearing. Thanks to the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask, I feel more comfortable in my skin.
I liked it and will buy again!
  • REVIEWED BY Eleanor M. , 07/19/2018
I have always been a fan of Premier Dead Sea skin care products. Unfortunately, I had not tried the mud mask. Out of curiosity, I tested this skin care mask on the fine lines on my face, and as you would expect I noticed positive changes after using it for slightly more than a week. From then, it became one of the few selected skin care treatment products that I use.
  • REVIEWED BY Shirley Beasley , 07/18/2018
My skin is getting more radiant and finer with each use of this mask. Before coming across this mask, I was using a mask that did absolutely nothing to my skin other than draining my pocket. On the contrary, I have begun to experience some positive changes within the one month that I have been using Dead Sea Mud Mask. I love it! I love it!
Couldn’t be happier
  • REVIEWED BY Mona Allen , 07/17/2018
I have used this mud mask for almost three weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with the results on my skin. I haven’t been using every day as I should but it works well. I’ll continue using it continually for an entire then drop it completely the entire week to confirm what I already know and feel on my skin – that the mud mask rejuvenates skin.
Clears Eczema
  • REVIEWED BY Joyce Denver , 07/14/2018
My ordeal with eczema goes way back in my life. It has been one of my never ending problems. I have tried products that have worked for some time but ended up back firing on me. Others left my skin in a worse off condition. It has been an exhausting journey until I discovered the mud mask. It has been my regular skin care must have. I love my skin now since the stubborn eczema has cleared.
My evening routine
  • REVIEWED BY Linda Cameron , 07/12/2018
This is how my evenings after long days after work look like: I take a shower, thoroughly cleans my facial skin and then massage a thin layer of this mud on it. I leave the mask to sit for approximately six minutes and then rinse it off. I wake up the following morning with a more refreshed and radiant facial skin. This has been my experience for the past two and a half weeks since I bought the mask. I like it.
A must-buy
  • REVIEWED BY Barbara Grimes , 07/11/2018
I bought this mask last week from a salesperson as I was walking along my town’s streets during my usual weekend errands. Although I was adamant about buying it for the simple reason that I rarely trust random salespeople, I now have the reasons to buy it again and again. Its application is a breeze and has already started to smoothen my skin. I like it.
Natural ingredients
  • REVIEWED BY Jennifer Hall , 07/11/2018
I use the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask for its natural ingredients. With natural ingredients, I am confident I can use it without worrying about long-term health implications.
Gives Physical Relief
  • REVIEWED BY Beryl Scott , 07/08/2018
I have found immense physical relieve on my skin by using the Dead Sea mask. It has managed to keep my skin challenges well controlled. The multiple black heads have been cleared. I love to take my mirror and just admire myself. This is a luxury I never enjoyed before now. I am the happiest girl ever. Kudos Dead Sea mud mask my ultimate savior.
Highly recommended
  • REVIEWED BY Sasha A. , 07/07/2018
As a beauty professional, I love to use the best products on my skin as well as those of my clients. Among the few products that I recommend to my clients is the mud mask. I recommend a product only when I’m fully confident that it delivers exceptional results. I like its synergetic mix of high-quality ingredients with unique minerals.
Very happy
  • REVIEWED BY Cecily , 07/07/2018
This mask is the way to go. From my two week’s experience with it, I have no doubt that it is the product that my face has been lacking all along to look younger. People have started to notice that my wrinkles have started to fade away and you can imagine how I feel when I get such compliments. Every woman at 40+ wants to hear that. I’m extremely happy.
Gives a refreshed skin
  • REVIEWED BY Amelia Peters , 07/06/2018
I have made the mud mask one of my skin care daily routine product. This is because every time I apply it I feel my skin been refreshed. It’s after effect is a velvety smooth feel. My skin feels healthy and deep clean. I love my healthy look that I only saw in the well to do class. I love my transformation and I am going to keep using the mud mask to maintain it.
Improves Elastic appearance
  • REVIEWED BY Ana Roy , 07/03/2018
Oh yes, my skin has improved on its elasticity and appearance. I have applied the mud mask religiously and now I have a skin to boast about. It is bright, shiny, radiant, healthy and young. Yes; it has all these qualities now. A drastic transformation from my former dehydrated, dry and peeling skin. It is a dream comes true. I will definitely use the mud mask for a very long time.
Highly recommended!
  • REVIEWED BY Brooke M. , 07/02/2018
What a great mud mask!!!! I normally apply the mask every day before going out to the field work. It really helps to moisturize my skin especially during the scorching sun. I can’t explain how I feel comfortable this days to its moisturizing effects. I would highly recommend it to all the field officers out there!!
Excellent product!
  • REVIEWED BY Hillary J. , 07/01/2018
I like the mud mask because it works for all ages. Most of the products that I tried in the past mostly suit young ladies. I have always shared with my fellow women friends, which most of them are past 40 years, the secret of maintaining a beautiful and smooth skin.
It is worth the price
  • REVIEWED BY Nancy Contreras , 07/01/2018
Dead Sea Mud Mask is worth every cent in its price. I have been using it for three weeks now and I don’t think I’ll ever need any other mask as it works pretty fine. My skin used to be scally and dry but now it looks ever moisturized and healthy since the time I started treating it with this mask.
It delivers its promises
  • REVIEWED BY Carmen Whitehead , 07/01/2018
Hey! Good news folks! Who loves being beautiful yet hasn’t tried this mask? If you are one of them, then you are missing lots of awesome benefits that it provides. It delivers all its promises; I can attest to that since I have been using it for a while. It is incredible! I’ll certainly order it again when the one I’m using gets depleted.
Satisfied and happy!
  • REVIEWED BY Nancy Florence , 06/29/2018
From the first time I saw Dead Sea mud mask, I knew it was the solutions I was looking for. I have been using it to fight wrinkles on my face, and I’m satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend this skin care product to any woman who is struggling to maintain a beautiful skin.
Cures acne
  • REVIEWED BY Dorothy Young , 06/29/2018
Recently my skin has been breaking out. I decided to try the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask to cure the acne on my face, and it worked. The potassium, sodium and magnesium minerals in the mud mask do wonders to dry skin and acne breakouts. It has only been a week of using this Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask, and I can already see huge improvements on my skin.
Smoothens and moisturizes
  • REVIEWED BY Chelsea P. , 06/28/2018
One of the few skin care products that I owe my beauty success is the Dead Sea mud mask. I cannot imagine changing any of the products I’m currently using since I don’t want to get back to how I looked before. Specifically, I like the mud mask for its skin smoothing and moisturizing properties.
  • REVIEWED BY Marianne G. , 06/27/2018
Lovely! I have been using this mud mask for 9 days now and I can confidently say to anyone who is doubtful that yes, this product works as it promises. Excellent!
Nice package
  • REVIEWED BY Mary Terry , 06/27/2018
What I like the most with this mud mask is the fast reaction to bring positive results. It also has a great scent and comes in a nice package. I bought one recently to give it to my mom as a birthday gift. She has been concerned about her appearance of late, but I’m sure she will like this mask.
Gives a youthful and healthy look
  • REVIEWED BY Belinda Aurelio , 06/26/2018
I am full of praises and gratitude to the Dead Sea producers for coming up with this terrific mud mask.It has given me my life back as it was falling apart literally. I could not stay out as long as I wanted to because my skin was having serious damages due to dryness. Since I commenced its use, my skin looks healthy. I now have an amazing outlook of a young lady ready to conquer the world.
Gives soft and supple skin
  • REVIEWED BY Esther Grey , 06/26/2018
If you want to have a supple and soft skin, just get yourself the mud mask. It is unbelievable that I am giving anyone a tip for this. It’s only because I am so excited whenever I feel the smoothness of my skin now. It’s no longer the rough skin that I dreaded to feel. It’s terrible that you can get so scared of feeling your own skin but yes I did.
Makes me feel beautiful
  • REVIEWED BY Hillary Weaver , 06/26/2018
I never used to leave the house without my makeup on until I came across Premier Dead Sea’s Mud Musk. It moisturizes my skin and makes my skin glow the whole day. I no longer need make up to enhance my looks. A touch of the Mud Mask has become a part of my daily routine and I love it.
Works Great!
  • REVIEWED BY Frances Murphy , 06/24/2018
The Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask has become my number one skincare product. My skin is naturally dry, and I realized that it tended to crack whenever I was taking part in any outdoor activities. Now, I tend to treat my skin with the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask before and after any outdoor excursions, and it works perfectly. It helps moisturize my skin and prevents cracks whenever I am exposed to direct sunlight.
Anti-allergic agent
  • REVIEWED BY Grace John , 06/23/2018
I am known to have a history of countless allergies. That made me extremely cautious of using just any product I came across for my skin. When I was told that this mud mask was anti-allergic I couldn’t hear any of it. I decided to try it out by sheer chance and I was amused it did not react with my skin. It reversed all the other bad effects on my skin that were caused by other products.
It has me fully covered
  • REVIEWED BY Dorothy Glenn , 06/18/2018
Being a field officer, I need a cosmetic product that will soothe, refresh and hydrate my skin before heading to the field where the unforgiving scorching sun is possibly waiting to burn it. Fortunately, I just found Dead Sea Mud Mask a month ago and it happens to be the ideal mask for my skin. I can now work comfortably knowing that this powerful mud and plant extract blend has me covered.
Prevents formation of new wrinkles!
  • REVIEWED BY Bianca Revelry , 06/15/2018
Being one of the sensitive body organs, I’m usually extra cautious when dealing with my skin. Naturally, I hesitated trying mud mask at first, but from the moment I tried it on my skin, it has become my go-to product for protecting my skin against wrinkles and fine lines.
Glowing skin
  • REVIEWED BY Tanya Benson , 06/13/2018
I first encountered the Mud Mask solution when posing for my wedding announcement photo. At that time, my skin was treated professionally – and we all know that professional skin treatment always feels great. A week after the treatment, and I could still feel my skin glowing. I went back and the beauticians confirmed that they always use Premier Dead Sea’s Mud Mask on all their clients. Since then, I cannot see myself using any other product.
I use it every other day
  • REVIEWED BY Kimberly Garcia , 06/13/2018
At first, I was using the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask on special occasions such as photo shoots, big dates, big meetings, family functions and so on. After successful use of this mud mask on these occasions, I asked myself, "Why shouldn't I enjoy its benefits every single day?" Ever since I use the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask every other day and my skin looks almost 20 years younger. Thanks, Premier Dead Sea.
Intoxicating scent
  • REVIEWED BY Joyce Rivera , 06/13/2018
There’s something about how the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask smells that makes me happy. I love the fact that it helps improve the look and feel of my skin complexion. But also just as important, I like its sweet scent on my skin. Even after I wash it away, the fresh, natural scent of the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask stays on my skin throughout the day, and I love it.
Improves skin elasticity
  • REVIEWED BY Joan Diaz , 06/11/2018
My skin's elasticity has dramatically improved after I started using the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask. It has helped climate impurities from my skin while the magnesium minerals in the mask have properties that toughen skin and make it more flexible.
Works in a short period
  • REVIEWED BY Carolina Rivers , 06/10/2018
This mud mask has transformed my skin in a record speed of two weeks. I have not come across any other product that has given wonderful results in such a short period of time. My skin feels rejuvenated and hydrated lately. The change shows on my face and I can advise all my friends to follow suit.
Extra refreshing
  • REVIEWED BY Veronica Chavez , 06/10/2018
I tend to go the gym during my lunch break and sweat out some calories. After showering, I normally use the Premier Dead Sea’s Mud Mask to moisturize my skin. I love how my skin looks and feels refreshed after using this mask. It is so soft to the touch that I can feel it glowing as I pass my colleagues in their work stations.
Love it
  • REVIEWED BY Jacqueline W. , 06/10/2018
As a customer facing professional, I need to maintain glowing skin at all times. I have always been using several skin care products, but only a few of them come close to mud mask. It is my main skin care treatment for protecting the skin against wrinkles and fine lines.
All that my face needs
  • REVIEWED BY Connie , 06/10/2018
A toss to Premier Dead Sea and this revolutionary mask! I have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel after a long time of trying to get a product that would perfectly address my major skin concerns-wrinkles and dehydration. This mask has all the essential minerals that rehydrate and tightens my skin. As a result, my face is smoother with even, brighter tone and less noticeable wrinkles.
Effective and lovely
  • REVIEWED BY Arianne F. , 06/08/2018
Generally, I’m a skincare enthusiast, so I’m always on the lookout for effective products from different suppliers. Among the ones that I rate highly is Dead Sea mud mask. This great mud mask works perfectly in my situation despite being over 50 years.
Too good not to use
  • REVIEWED BY Moses Mendoza , 06/05/2018
I learned about the Premier Dead Sea brand from my lovely wife. She’s a diehard fan of the brand’s product especially this Mud Mask. As the designated online shopper in our household, I have bought the Mud Mask a couple of times and the results on my wife’s skin are nothing short of breath-taking. I would recommend it to anyone.
Lovely Scent
  • REVIEWED BY Medline J. , 06/05/2018
Honestly when I came across the mud mask in a friend’s house, my first catchy attribute was its lovely scent. I was impressed and I wanted to use it on my skin. The good news is it did not disappoint me at all. It has worked with my skin and I feel hydrated all day long and I am more confident. A great scent made me experience all these great results.
  • REVIEWED BY Juana Horton , 06/02/2018
I have an extremely dry skin and I always felt so uncomfortable especially when my skin is exposed to sun. I have been using this mask for 5 days now and I can already see and feel remarkable changes. My skin is now feeling smooth and lovely to touch. Even my hubby can’t prevent touching it all the time. He admits that he too have seen some changes. I’LL COME back for a few more for my siblings.
Great Scent
  • REVIEWED BY Jane D. , 06/01/2018
A Gentle Facial Mask With A Great Scent
A perfect birthday gift
  • REVIEWED BY Sandra Perry , 05/31/2018
My boyfriend bought me this mask for my birthday a few days ago and I am madly in love with it already. Contrary to other products that I have ever used in pursuit of getting rid of my fine facial lines, this one doesn’t cause irritation to my skin. It spreads easily and has long-lasting results. A single application makes my skin feel and look hydrated all day long.
  • REVIEWED BY Charlotte L. , 05/30/2018
I can’t be more thankful to Premier Dead Sea for yet another amazing product- Dead Sea Mud Mask. Having used it for just two weeks now, I can see tremendous improvement on my face; the skin has become firmer while the visibility wrinkles have started to fade away. Can’t wait to see how’ll look in the next two months or so of using the mask; I bet I’ll be the newest diva in town.
Natural ingredients
  • REVIEWED BY Kristen Fleming , 05/29/2018
For me, I extremely cautious with synthetic products or products that are marketed as natural when they are synthetic. I have been using the Mud Mask for a while and one of the main reasons why I love it is because it is naturally extracted and does not contain any chemicals that may harm your skin on the long run.
Cleanses the skin
  • REVIEWED BY Barbara Phillips , 05/29/2018
I highly recommend the Premier Dead Sea Mud Mask if you want to cleanse your skin. This mud mask has properties that not only cleans the pores of your skin but also helps in fighting and eliminating skin diseases.
Great product for all skin types
  • REVIEWED BY Jennifer Mosley , 05/28/2018
My friends can’t believe that I just switched to this mask a few weeks ago because my face has changed big time. My mother has a dry skin and mine is oily but the mask works just fine to both of us. The product really cuts across all skin ages and conditions. I also like it because is application and removal are effortless.
Happy for it
  • REVIEWED BY Elizabeth Snow , 05/27/2018
I don’t think I have ever written another review for any other products but this one is irresistible. It is extremely gentle to my skin and easy to apply. Of all the masks that I have used, this one stands out; both affordable and top-quality. I’m happy about it. Kudos Premier Dead Sea for you unrelenting spirit to offer the best and innovative beauty products.
Best For hydration
  • REVIEWED BY Alexis W. , 05/26/2018
I have been struggling with a dried skin for quite some time now. I had tried several tips that I was always advised to try out. The sad thing I always ended up more frustrated and angry. After all my efforts nothing worked out. Since I started using the mud mask my skin is well hydrated all day long. The dryness is all history. Thanks Dead Sea for the mask.
Gives a brighter look!
  • REVIEWED BY Edith L. , 05/24/2018
This mud mask is not your usual facial masks that promise to work overnight only to leave your skin looking pale and dull. If you see me now and before using the Dead Sea mud mask, you would not have liked the pale old skin. In fact, my hubby was surprised with my current bright looks.
Good for dry skin!
  • REVIEWED BY Barbara A. , 05/24/2018
I have a dry and sensitive skin, so it has always been a challenge to find a suitable product that is compatible with my skin. But that is past experience now, thanks to the moisturizing and nourishing effect of mud mask.
My all-time mask
  • REVIEWED BY Margaret Larsen , 05/23/2018
This is my all-time mask! My skin is very sensitive and reacts harshly to the majority of facial masks currently on the market but not Dead Sea Mud Mask. I understand that the mask is entirely natural, with natural plant extracts and the Dead Sea mud being its ingredients and that explains why it is so gentle on my skin.
Easy application
  • REVIEWED BY Elsie May , 05/19/2018
Woow!! Finally I have found a mud mask that is so easy to apply and remove too. I do not need the services of a beauty practitioner to apply this one. It is one of those that you apply in your bathroom and get out feelin awesome after the effect. It’s the best home facial treatment for me. Thanks Dead Sea.
Moisturizes the skin
  • REVIEWED BY Anna L. , 05/13/2018
Mud mask is the right solution for my dry skin. Initially, I used to feel dehydration, especially when exposed to the sun for hours. For a long time, I have been looking for effective skincare that keeps my skin moisturized all the time. Thankfully, this great mud from Premier Dead Sea has solved all my challenges.
Diminishes scars
  • REVIEWED BY Clarrissa , 05/11/2018
I had a bad accident and my skin got terrible bruises. Though I got adequate treatment and recovered well I was left with scars all over. I tried many creams which drained me financially but none of them cleared the stubborn scars. When I used the mud mask without daily for two months now, I like the outcome. The scars are fading away. They are not noticeable anymore.
No more unsightly lines
  • REVIEWED BY Cynthia Mathis , 05/09/2018
As a new mom, I barely get any sleep and my eyes are showing it. Not only do my under-eyes look paler but they’ve formed lines and wrinkles. However, I did some shopping recently and bought the mud mask and so far I can see the results on my skin. My favorite part about applying it is feeling it work to repair my skin.
  • REVIEWED BY Bella Watson , 05/07/2018
Restores natural look
  • REVIEWED BY Lillian G. , 05/02/2018
I wanted to regain my natural look that I had lost trying to look great. I only ended up having myself a dry rough skin from all my trial and error. I came across mud mask and decided to give it a try. Afterall I loved the price and had nothing more to lose. Guess what? My skin is back to my natural look. It’s even smooth and glowing.
Best Buy
  • REVIEWED BY Joyline Paul , 05/02/2018
This mud mask has been one of my best buy so far. It cannot be compared to all the rest that I have used and tested in the recent past. Yes!! My dark days are over and my skin feels and looks great. I am enjoying all the compliments wherever I go. My friends do not believe the mud mask worked this miracle for me.
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